3000 GEM BOOSTER OPENING FOR UX/EX | Pokemon Duel Continues to Amaze

You Could Always Have More Gems- Pokemon Duel

Why have just one Pokemon Duel video when you could have two? I liked creating the first one so much I decided to gather more Gems and spend more than I honestly thought I would. I wanted more Pokemon and more booster opening content to showcase. Gathering more Pokemon, opening more boosters it’s a good match and it’s fun to edit and prep.

I get to flex my creativity to create the backdrops for the video, make some intros and outros. It’s all in all a good time, I’m curiousĀ to see how the videos perform overall. I’m always looking to create more content and in the end, as long as it relates to video games I think it’ll all work out for what I’m trying to accomplish.

What do you think of content like this?

Does this kind of content make sense, is it interesting to watch? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to know what people want to watch so I can grow and expand my content.

If you made it to the bottom or end of the video you’re amazing! Go get yourself a cookie, make it a chocolate chip; you’ve earned it!

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