Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered – Veteran Difficulty is a Nightmare

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Welcome to my first article on!  That’s kind of exciting, something I started almost a year ago is getting somewhere.  Slow but steady wins the race, it’s just nice to finally have times/energy to devote to something that is going to become something truly grand. I was playing the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered on veteran thinking it’d be tough but possible; how wrong I was.

Everything was going fine, I progressed level by level, getting stuck but still marching forward.  Then I got to One Shot, One Kill and everything I thought was fun got tossed out the window.  It’s not that bad until you get to the final holdout.  It’s not fun and stating that it’s challenging is a massive understatement, it’s as if they made it nearly impossible on purpose.  When you’re tasked to place defensive’s around the Ferris Wheel you just know things are about to go down.

On any other difficulty, it feels empowering to mow down tons of enemies while you wait for the chopper.  You run around the little amusement park shooting at anything that moves while watching as more fall from MacMillan and his incredible sniping skills.  Blowing up claymores only adds to the mayhem as more and more enemy’s come down on you from above.  You wait, watch and pray that the copper will get there soon to bail you out.  Time flies by and soon enough you hear the chopper coming down, racing to MacMillan, and carrying him to safety is a harrowing experience.  The amusement park fills with the enemy’s but you’re safely in the chopper and on your way.

Veteran Difficulty The Bane of Existence

Now onto the hell that is Veteran difficulty; now I’d like to point out that Veteran up till this point was hard and semi-frustrating but possible.  This is where the game flips the script and feels unimaginably unfair in comparison.  Suddenly every enemy has perfect aim and the amount that rushes at you seems almost unreal.  The time the copper takes may not be any longer but it defiantly feels longer, but that may just because you die over and over.  There is one checkpoint when the reinforce choppers come in to tear you apart.  If you make it that far great you got through the easy part of this nightmare.

Now onto the second part which I can only say is possible by pure luck.  I can’t believe how impossible and truly vulnerable you feel.  You take any damage and it’s over.  You poke your head out and it’s over.  Nothing but pure luck and hoping Macmillan and some well-placed claymores will save you.  But they won’t, he can only take down so many people rushing you.  It’s up to you to take out a never-ending horde of people.  You never feel like you’re making progress, never feel like you’re any closer to that chopper saving you.  Just endless drones looking to take you down before you take them down.  It feels completely different from the rest of the game before it.  You were the one moving forward now the tables turn and you must hold out.

Endlessly dying and repeating the same section is hell in of itself.  You can try as many tactics as you want, it doesn’t feel like progression just moving backward.  Nothing makes your blood boil faster than the chopper finally getting to you, grabbing Macmillan and dying carrying him to the chopper.  It’s a terrible, defeating feeling that may very well put you over the edge.

I could only beat the mission after trying at that one part for over 2 hours, it’s an incredibly tough ending to a truly unforgettable mission.  Beating it is rewarding not just with that precious trophy/achievement but a sense of pride that you took on the odds and won.  May have been by the skin of your teeth but you accomplished something remarkably hard.

Do I just suck at this game or did anyone else have trouble with this game on Veteran, I stopped here because I could not imagine doing any of the later missions if the difficultly starts to spike here.  Let me know in the comments below!

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