Is ClusterTruck Amazing? (Review)

Is ClusterTruck Amazing?

ClusterTruck is a simple premise wrapped in a fun gameplay loop.

Simply jump from one truck to the other until you reach the goal.

Sounds simple until you realize that that there’s a cluster of trucks and a wide variety of obstacles in your path.

Is ClusterTruck Amazing? (Gameplay and Review)

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Put on some comfortable shoes because we’re about to run across some trucks!

Learning to Ride the Cluster of Trucks

Hunter Armada with Hess Trucks
Trust me, this is way more exciting than it looks.

ClusterTruck is all about riding on the top of trucks and making it to the end of the level, over and over.

That’s the core idea and it’s boiled down to a fine gameplay loop that adds on top of the idea without going overboard.

You’d think that simply jumping from truck to truck would easy, but the challenge comes from there being tons of trucks!

Tons of Trucks in the Desert
Ok, so it’s a cluster of trucks and you need to jump to the goal.

Every level is roughly a few seconds long but the challenge comes from surviving to the goal.

It’s all about managing your momentum and air control.

ClusterTruck is surprisingly forgiving in the fact that you magnetize to the top of the trucks and continue forward with momentum when you jump.

Level Failed Press A to Restart
You’re going to see this screen a lot

That doesn’t mean it gives you any leeway however, it has core mechanics but it expects you to learn and adapt on the fly while it changes the game up in clever ways.

Variety is the Spice of Trucks

Zero Gravity Trucks
Just one of the cool mechanics the game throws at you, zero gravity trucks!

The desert or start of the game keeps it pretty basic with the trucks on the ground and a bit of variety here and there.

Once you get to the second world, The Forest is when things get interesting.

From zero gravity to play with how the levels are structured and how the trucks work.

What ClusterTruck does best is keep you guessing every level, whether it’s adding a new obstacle or changing up something you may have been used to.

It’s always fun and exciting to see what’s next and how to tackle it, which is impressive for a game all about riding on top of trucks.

From riding on rocks to avoiding spinning death wheels it never gets dull from beginning to end as there’s always a new obstacle to overcome.

Trucks on Ice
Ahh yes, trucks one weakness

Get even further and you get to some winter gameplay where the trucks hit the ice and it becomes utter mayhem.

The other cool aspect worth pointing out is that the game instantly loads when you lose.

You’re never waiting too long to get back into the action and try again, which is helpful if it’s tough and taking about 50 attempts per level.

Upgrading Your Truck Jumping

ClusterTruck Upgrade Menu
Leveling up your jumping is going to cost you

The thing that surprised me about ClusterTruck is how expensive the upgrades are, they feel few and far between.

Every time you complete a level you get points for your style of jumping across the trucks or getting some major air.

The big issue is that you don’t get too many points per level so it can take a while to amass enough points for even one upgrade.

This is especially true when the upgrades cost 15,000 points or more right from the start.

It can feel a tad tedious to have to grind for such a simple upgrade as a double jump, which is honestly a game-changer and makes everything that much easier.

I suppose it’s designed that way but I sort of wish that they came just a bit faster because you can struggle in the early going until you get your first one.

Is ClusterTruck Amazing?

Hunter Armada Giving Final Gameplay Thoughts on ClusterTruck
Jumping on trucks is super fun!

ClusterTruck is amazing, I came into this thinking that I didn’t much care for it.

But once I was able to beat the level I was stuck on I was having way more fun playing than when I was struggling to beat a level.

That’s the core of the game though you beat some levels, get stuck and frustrated but when you do finally beat the level the feeling is fantastic.

It’s a great game that does exactly what it sets out to do and does it well, ClusterTruck is a blast and I couldn’t recommend it more!

ClusterTruck is amazing!
ClusterTruck is amazing!

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