Is Code Vein Amazing?

Is Code Vein Amazing?

Code Vein is what happens when you take Dark Souls, Demon Souls, Bloodborne and mix them all with a dash of anime for good measure.

If you take Code Vein as a Dark Souls clone you’re missing out on a ton of interesting stuff that it brings to the table.

When looking at the entire game as a whole you can appreciate all the new rather than shrugging it off as a copycat.

Is Code Vein Amazing?

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Code Vein at a Glance

Let’s put on our gas masks, take a hit of blood, and see if Code Vein is amazing.

Dawning a Gas Mask for Survival

Code Vein is an Anime Soulsborne
If you’ve played any of these games you’re going to feel right at home

Code Vein doesn’t reinvent the wheel on the standard Dark Souls formula, but it adds so many new things that allow it to stand strong on its own.

From the amount of customization to all the various abilities you can build the exact character you want to play through the game.

You can also change your character’s appearance as well as weapons, clothing, armor, and everything.

Code Vein Customization Screen
When it comes to options and load-outs Code Vein is hard to beat

It may seem overwhelming but it surprisingly isn’t, it comes down to what kind of playstyle you’re looking for and then changing your loadout to match.

You gather Haze (Blood) which is essentially souls from Dark Souls but the thing I like about Code Vein is that rather than deciding on one thing to level up you just baseline level up.

One of the more unique aspects is that in the world all the characters need to wear gas masks to breathe properly which adds a cool dynamic to the story and helps with world-building.

Code Vein Level Up Screen
It’s nice not having to worry about all the numbers and just level up

You have a standard health bar, stamina bar, and even a limited amount of heals at your disposal that refreshes between quote-unquote bonfire visits.

This all plays into the clothing you’re wearing and even the weapons you decide to fight with, each with its unique stats, advantages, and disadvantages.

Partner Louis
It’s so awesome to have someone helping you fight through this world

At 2:40 I reference that you have an AI partner that will travel through the world and help you fight the monsters throughout.

You can change between partners at any time but I mainly stuck with Louis because I enjoyed his comments and background into the world.

It’s such a nice part of the game and something I wouldn’t mind seeing in other titles, as it is fun to have a companion helping you to survive.

Surviving the Hills of Deception and the Overall World

Running into the Hills of Deception
Yep, that sure looks inviting!

Moving forward a bit to 5:25 I fast-travel to where I was in the game at the time of recording to show off another area of the map.

The game has a map system that shows you where you’ve been and ultimately where you’re going. 

It adds to the overall user-friendly aspect the game strives to accomplish.

You’ll be running through large areas, unlocking doors, and fighting a variety of monsters as you move onward to fight the many bosses of the game.

Code Vein also doesn’t make the story much of a chore at all either. The cutscenes are plenty and are far from cryptic.

You’re told what is going on, to a degree, and the mystery is fun! It doesn’t require you to go research wikis or dig through weapon descriptions at length to get the full picture.

The Grueling Bosses That Dwell Within (Invading Executioner)

Invading Executioner
This fight goes about as well as I expected it to

Jumping right into the Invading Executioner boss fight at 9:00 in the video we can run down the combat of Code Vein.

This was a bad boss to go up against for this video as I got destroyed.

The bosses are fair but incredibly hard to beat. You need to learn their attacks, patterns, and any weaknesses they may have.

This is where the partner in the game shines as they can divert the boss’s attention and you can heal or catch your breath for a moment.

Louis is doing great
Don’t worry Louis you’re doing great, keep up the good work!

At 10:15 I die against the boss and it bugs me that Code Vein does have some enemies in the game with one-hit-kill attacks.

I’m personally tired of games that do this tactic to make a boss seem more powerful than it is.

If you’re going to make a game hard, make it hard on the merit that I need the skill to beat it. Don’t just have one attack that will wipe you out if you accidentally miss a moment to dodge.

Unless the game telegraphs that this move or moment will instantly kill you, then I can’t agree with that style of encounters.

Hunter Armada is angry
Stuff like this is why I get mad playing certain video games

Going a bit more in-depth into Code Vein’s combat you have access to a ton of different skills and blood codes that can be switched out at any time.

You are never stuck with one single loadout per game, you can mix and match however you want your playstyle to be.

From swords to guns you have a wide variety to choose from to fit your playstyle.

Throw in the fact that you can piece together your perfect attack loadout like lighting your swords on fire to heal your partner mid-combat and you’ve got a game where you can be whoever you want!

Is Code Vein Amazing?

Hunter Armada Giving Final Gameplay Thoughts on Code Vein
Code Vein is a way more user-friendly Dark Souls

Code Vein earns a spot next to Demon Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne as a true contender.

It’s refreshing to have a story in this style of the game be easy to grasp and include fun and enjoyable cutscenes.

The combat is fun and inviting while also making customization easy and unique while allowing you to build the exact character you want to experience throughout the journey.

Code Vein doesn’t reinvent the wheel of the Soulsborne but it does tweak the formula to make it easy for anyone to pick up.
I highly recommend Code Vein. It easily encaptures the qualities to make a truly amazing game!

Code Vein is Amazing
Code Vein is Amazing

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