Is Dead Space 3 Amazing?

Is Dead Space 3 Amazing

Dead Space 3 is the combination of Dead Space 2 as well as the original Dead Space.

It takes everything that made the two before it great, enhances it, and brings you an unforgettable space-exploring adventure.

Some necromorphs are hiding in the background however that holds this game back but we’ll deal with them in due time.

Is Dead Space 3 Amazing?

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Let’s once again pick up our plasma cutter, dawn some sweet armor, and crash land into Dead Space 3 to find out if it’s amazing.

Dead Space 3 Came Out at the Wrong Time

Dead Space 3 Came Out in 2013
2013 was a weird year for video games

Back when horse armor was the DLC of the ages, video games went through something of a transition period to figure out how they could make money off of consumers even past the original purchase.

A lot of it didn’t work or was just money-hungry decisions. No point in sugarcoating it.

One thing that I haven’t thought about in years is that games used to come with one-time use codes to access multiplayer. They were called Online Passes and I’m really glad this never became normal.

When I loaded up Dead Space 3 and before even getting to the menu to start the campaign I was asked to input the code that came in the game box.

As this is a digital game from the Game Pass that now includes EA games I don’t have any way of getting this code.

It kind of bothers me that the game wasn’t updated to remove this relic of the past entirely.

Not Connected to EA Servers
I was not connected to EA Servers at the time and didn’t want to connect

I didn’t want to connect to the EA servers, but if I did I would be able to purchase anything and everything.

If you felt the need to purchase all the best gear and weapons within an hour of playtime you totally could.

I know games do this a lot nowadays, but back then this was pretty unique and sort of crazy to think about when compared to loot boxes today.

Raining Money over gameplay
Dropping money is never the way I want to experience gameplay rather than the initial game buy-in

I’m more on the side of playing the game to unlock everything rather than just buy your way to victory. Doesn’t mean much when you just purchase the cool weapon rather than doing something nearly impossible in the game to earn and show off.

A good example is taking Halo 3, where to get Recon Armor you had to complete all the 7 Vidmaster Challenges. This included Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST.

If you completed this you got something worthwhile that could only be achieved in a very specific way to show off in online matches. Though, who doesn’t like showing off a trophy?

Now it’s all about getting lucky in a loot crate or succumbing to gacha by dropping so much money that you force the game to provide.

Dead Space 2 was a complete package from start to finish. Everything in-between as well as a new game is a plus.

Dead Space 3 still has that but at every turn, it tries to somehow, someway ask you to spend money for something. Whether that be a new outfit, gun customization piece, or even more health packs.

World-Building and Stellar Gameplay

Tau Volantis View from Ship
What a world to build! Wait, is it getting closer?

The gameplay in Dead Space 3 is the same as it’s been in the first two games with some minor adjustments. It all comes down to the difference with the weapons.

The Necromorphs do get some fun changes and the cool thing is that you get to fight with humans throughout the adventure.

With this you get a crouch to hide behind cover and flank enemies, it works well with a dodge roll and flows nicely into the overall tense gameplay.

The entire opening consists of the entire space angle with Zero-G and worrying about your air consumption.

It acts as a tutorial for the real game which mainly takes place on the planet after an awesome ship crash sequence of course.

Entering Tau Volantis Orbit
Entering the atmosphere is one of the coolest set pieces in the entire game

Once you’re on Tau Volantis the game changes directions rather fast, being more about keeping warm and surviving the countless Necromorphs that have been dormant for who knows how long.

Isaac Freezing to Death
You’ll want to stay warm once you’re on the planet!

This is where you get a lot of the new mechanics and the co-op shines, I didn’t have a chance to play the game in co-op.

That’s not to say that it’s not handled well; it was pretty inspirational at the time of release.

If you play solo the game shows the co-op player (John Carver) in cutscenes but if you play co-op Isaac and John have some conversations and add to the overall experience.

However you want to play, you’ll get a fantastic experience from start to finish.

Customizing Your Weapon You’re Way!

Small Med Pack on the Bench Display
Wait a small med-pack cost how much?

I know I harped on the bench and the monetization back at the start but that doesn’t mean it’s worth overlooking.

The bench is a core part of the experience and is your base of operations as you move forward through the world. The bench is used to upgrade all your weapons, purchase med packs and weapon parts.

The interesting thing is the fact that you can fully modify all your weapons to mix and match them to whatever you want.

Lower Tool Hydraulic Engine
You want Hydraulic engines? We got them in stock!

You can piece together any weapon you can dream of with the parts you pick up throughout your adventure.

Want to add electricity to a shotgun, flamethrower to the top of a pistol, how about saw blades to a machine gun? You can do all this and more.

As long as you have the part or materials to makeshift it then you can build it.

Circuit Upgrades
Brings everything to a close in the best way possible!

You can even take it a step further and upgrade your weapons by adding in circuits.

Circuits will add extra damage, more rounds before reload as well as faster reloads, and much more.

You can truly build your special weapon and while not too good today back in 2013 you could even share your creation with other players; it was pretty unique and fun to see what other people come up with.

Is Dead Space 3 Amazing?

Hunter Armada Giving Final Gameplay Thoughts on Dead Space 3
Brings everything to a close in the best way possible!

Dead Space 3 is amazing!

A lot of the problems I bring up at the top of this review and during the video don’t apply to the game now.

These were issues that were in a lot of games in 2013 as developers tried many different ways to get money out of the consumer.

Now the game is a solid play through all these years later, it’s scary, tense, and fun as hell!

You get all the best parts of the original two games wrapped into improved gameplay, interesting locations with a solid story throughout.

Highly recommended to go grab a plasma cutter for one last thrill ride alongside Isaac.

Dead Space 3 is Amazing!
Dead Space 3 is Amazing!

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