Demon Souls is a Remake Worth its Weight in Souls

Praise the Sun! | Demon Souls Remake Gameplay [PS5]

The Demon Souls Remake is what every remake should strive to be.

It is not a new game, it is the classic we know and love. A game from 2009 with a fresh coat of paint and stellar gameplay that takes full advantage of what the PlayStation 5 has to offer.

From the controller vibrating as you slash to rolling off the edge, the mix of new and old is perfect.

A game I gave up on the way back has now taken up most of my time with this remake. I jump back in after every death to take on any foe and strive for victory.

Demon Souls TimeStamps

Pick up a weapon, because we’re hunting for Demon Souls!

A Thief Versus an Old Hero Doesn’t Seem Very Fair

Gearing up for the Old King
Taking a quick breather before we dive into the action

To figure out just what made Demon Souls amazing, I needed to play Dark Souls 1-3, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Bloodborne to comprehend the style of gameplay that is evident throughout all of them.

The Demon Souls Remake on the PlayStation 5 fixes all the issues I had with its original. Everything from the long load times to controls that felt stiff, everything is fixed and runs at full momentum.

The fog gate provides us a cutscene that precedes taking us right into the action.

I did a ton of grinding to get my level up and after attaching the Thief Ring, I am more than ready to take on the Old Hero.

Running Away from the Old Hero
It’s a solid tactic in Demon Souls to run away and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

We have dodging as well as a good sharp bow to fill the Old Hero with arrows.

A solid strategy that works out for me as long as I am aware of keeping away from the Old Hero’s big swings. The Old Hero is fast and does a ton of damage. Keep that in mind for your run of this remake.

Demon Souls Remake Old Hero
He’s big, tall, and yes… Even on fire

Thankfully my character is built like a thief, making me fast, agile, and provided a ton of stamina. Whether it be for running away, attacking, or dodging, I am equipped for all possibilities.

I end up running back and forth around the arena and fill the Old Hero with arrows (both the normal and fire variety… I like to keep things interesting).

It has always been so cool that you can watch other players fight the boss in real-time alongside you.

Other Player in Demon Souls Remake
We’re in this together; random phantom player!

I fire arrow after arrow until it comes down to the final moments… and I run out of arrows…

Thankfully, I pull a crazy stunt and throw one final magic attack to finish the job and take down the Old Hero (thank goodness that worked).

Hunter Armada Excited
Yeah! I did it! Go me!

The Old Hero gets defeated, we get the classic “Demon Vanquished” wording, and my character’s body is restored!

Taking a moment to reflect, I look around to grab all the items, set up the bonfire and then move forward to the Altar of Storms.

Hunter Armada Bad Idea
This is the face of someone who just made a very bad mistake

The moment I stepped through the fog door, I realized I had just made a grave error… I had entered the area of the final boss without realizing it.

The intro to the Storm King solidifies my error and I have to regretfully remember that all of my arrows had been used on the Old Hero.

I was completely and utterly screwed with no chance of beating the Storm King, at all.

Now, I have never played past the opening hours of Demon Souls back when it came out in 2009, so everything was new to me.

That’s what makes playing the Demon Souls Remake today so much fun; it’s all new to me! Having played all the other games, I know what kind of things I am in for and how the mechanics work.

But none of that can help me survive a fight where I need magic or arrows, both of which I am completely out of.

You Died
Death is but the beginning in any Souls game

I walk out, die, then return to the Nexus to take on something I can do.

The Nexus, It Calls to Me

The Nexus
I like the Nexus, big fan

We get into the Nexus and I go around trying my best to explain everything. This is your hub.

Soul Power Screen
Yep, that’s a bunch of numbers and stuff!

The Soul Power screen is where you can use your collected Souls to level up specific attributes.

I am not going to do a full breakdown of what everything does, but you can build your character in any way you want to fit your playstyle!

Since I just died I have no souls to spend so that means it is time to move on.

As you play through all the various levels/worlds, you encounter people to help or betray. If you help them you can add them to your Nexus for perks and even new shopkeepers.

We have Stockpile Thomas who will hold all your extra gear so you don’t have to carry everything. This allows you to mix and match your setup.

I deposit some stuff and move onto Blacksmith Boldwin who can upgrade all your gear and weapons with the right materials.

Again, I have no Souls so I can’t do anything. Let’s move on to the Upper Latria.

Trying Not to Fall in the Upper Latria

Upper Latria
It’s high up, like, really high up

The prisons before this were brutally difficult but I didn’t have much trouble with this section as much as I thought I would; thanks grinding!

Moving forward, I take a look at a bloodstain in the game.

Bloodstains will show where other real players have died and how they died, this is extremely helpful to find hidden enemies or even traps. It’s a great version of “Learn by Example”.

Demon Souls Remake BloodStain Dead Person
See this person is dead, they just don’t know it yet

We move forward into the center of the area to discover a spiral staircase leading to a room blocked by a giant heart, I cannot be maneuvered, thus we go back up,

When in doubt, go the way that didn’t work and odds are you will progress. Along the way, I collect a bunch of materials and take out a few bad guys.

Liking Random Appraisals
It’s a good feeling to like stuff, and Demon Souls has a lot to like

After a few notes on the ground,one-hit-kill we find an edge and decide to walk off of it.

Thankfully, I take it slow enough and survive to get the treasure below, which is a Rune Shield and Sword.

Rune Shield
It looks awesome but I’m not equipped to use a magic weapon like this

After looking at the stats I discover I can’t use it well, if at all. So I keep what is already equipped and press onward.

Once we reclimb the steps, I cross a new section to get to a new spire. Climbing it allows us to meet some people powering what looks like a giant cable.

Doing the only smart thing in this situation, I take them all out and take a chain off the giant heart in the center.

Giant Heart in Upper Latria
It’s all about just hacking away at things to open the way forward

After that has been taken care of, we enter a cage and slowly descend to the depths below.

It is really impressive to move to a new part of the level so seamlessly, but alas, this is not a fun place to be.

Lower Latria I presume
Houston, we’re not in Upper Latria anymore

Walking down the blood-soaked planks and slashing through a bunch of enemies, I move forward through the craziness and into the unknown taking down a ton of disgusting monsters along the way.

After getting my bearings, I enter a fog door and then immediately get killed by a Black Phantom.

Demon Souls Black Phantom
A Black Phantom can be scarier than any boss in the game, especially when it can one-hit-kill

Upper Latria, We Meet Once Again

Now we have a lot of ground to cover so let’s speed things up. Fast-forwarding back to where we were before, I hop into the cage.

Taking a new way, we roll off a cliff to a column below, running into a new face in a cage.

I decide to open the cage and after a little discussion, I am as lost as ever. I decide to move on as this character makes no sense.

Going back down into the depths, I immediately get killed by a new enemy and just decide to go back to the Nexus.

Pro Strat’s for Lots of Souls With Hunter Armada

Pro Strats with Hunter Armada
Grab your notebooks, you’re gonna wanna know this!

Before we wrap up this episode, I decide to show how I managed to get 400,000 souls in roughly 30 minutes of effort.

You’re going to want to go to 4-2 The Ritual Path.

From there: run down to the first area with enemies, equip your bow and arrow then kill the Reaper at the bottom of the room.

The Ritual Path Reaper
Shoot the Reaper with arrows, rinse and repeat until full

That’s all there is to it, just kill this Reaper and you’ll get 4,000 – 5,000 Souls with roughly 15 seconds of work.

Just do this over and over to accumulate a ton of Souls fast, trust me it’s worth it.

Put on some good music, get down to business, and grind.

Is the Demon Souls Remake Amazing?

Hunter Armada Giving Final Gameplay Thoughts on the Demon Souls Remake
Demon Souls is amazing and I think everyone should experience a game that doesn’t care about their feelings

Demon Souls is a game that holds up and is still fantastic all these years later.

I’m having a blast figuring out the secrets of how all the enemies work and taking down demon after demon.

The game is far from easy and has no intention of letting up for you. But that’s what makes it so amazing! Every gamer needs a challenge and this game provides. Its intent is solely to kill you and you figure out how to survive.

From the graphics to the gameplay, and now the lack of loading screens, it all comes together as the highlight of the PlayStation 5 launch lineup.

I highly recommend it to everyone and if you’re willing to give it a chance, you won’t regret it!

Is Demon Souls Remake Amazing

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