Disk Jam Is Amazing | Windjammers Remake Takes the Cake

Disk Jam Isn’t the Windjammers Remake We Needed but the One We Deserved

Disk Jam Action Ramps Up

A good opening throw is key

Disk Jam is a game that’s a reimaging of an older game called “WindJammers”. That game is a true relic as it’s a really unique sports game and a whole ton of fun. This game tries to recapture the magic of WindJammers and it does a stellar job of it. Just ignore the first match as the person seems to just stop playing. A wins a win, though.

Disk Jam Keeps Matches Short and Sweet

Disk Jam - Skill Throws

You can throw some pretty impressive disk maneuvers

A match in Disk Jam takes a total of about three to five minutes when all is said and done. I failed to notice in the early going how the point system works but I eventually figured it out. The number counter in the center of the arena goes up the longer the disk is in play. Allowing you to get a pretty impressive lead if you play a bit on the defensive side. The basics are that you need to throw the disk really soon after you get your hands on it. If you throw it as soon as you get it you throw a “Perfect Throw” and it goes a little faster which is helpful. I’m not very good at it.

Disk Jam Is Pretty Barebones for Now

Disk Jam - Main Menu

Online and Split Screen for 1v1 or 2v2 is about it for now

Disk Jam is a game made by two people according to the news box on the side of the screen. What we have now is really impressive and just straight up fun. I’m willing to wager that the developers are going to try and go the Rocket League route. Get a big player base and just keep pushing out content, which is awesome. I for one am greatly looking forward to seeing this game expand and becoming something amazing. Unfortunately, at the end of the video, the online service broke forcing me to stop playing. After some of these bugs have been ironed out I bet this game will be something everyone’s talking about.

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