Disk Jam… Continues To Amaze | Triple Win

Disk Jam Is a Lot of Fun When the Servers Are Working

Disk Jam Explosion Fall Down

Watching an opponent fall down when you score to close to them is a good feeling

Luckily in this episode, I was able to play three matches within the span of this video. I got enough points to try out the prize machine and attempt to go on a three-win streak. Each match is fast fun and exciting, each victory feels earned as you outmaneuver your opponent. It’s a game of skill and deception, you want your opponent to always be on their back foot. I generally try to switch up my throws and keep them guessing by applying a whole slew of different tactics. It’s also pretty awesome that this is something I can even talk about, this seems like something in short supply in games of this nature.

Two Victories and the Prize Machine

Disk Jam Prize Machine Let Down

The prize machine can be a big letdown for how many matches it takes to unlock one

The first two matches go pretty well for me, I pull out a hard fought win in each. There’s some good back and forth, a lot of different throws to dish out and conquer from both sides. The whole time I got a big smile on my face and am just having a blast. If you have yet to try this game, definitely give it a good as it’s a ton of fun in a really short amount of time. After the two victories, I am able to try out the prize machine and I can’t even begin to describe how big of a letdown it was.


I didn’t get a cool skin or a new disk to throw just a lame victory pose for a character I have no interest in using. Stanton is the character you use in the tutorial and he was just too slow for my liking. For how long it takes to get one prize it’s just not worth striving to unlock a whole bunch of stuff as it’s going to take a lot of grinding.

Going for That Triple Win In Disk Jam

Disk Jam Triple Win ShutOut

I was pretty happy to end my third win with a shutout

The final match was luckily not too much of a hassle as I pretty much dominate from the get go. I was proud to win with a shutout in the end. That’s what makes Disk Jam so amazing, you can have three wins that feel earned but it can also have crushing losses that make you wanna jump back in and strive harder for those wins. Whether it be through practice or just pure determination its all just so much fun.

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