Struggling to Find the Win in Fall Guys Gameplay (6 Matches 1 Close Call)

FALLING FOR THE CROWN | Fall Guys Gameplay and Review


Welcome to Fall Guys the new battle royale making a big splash on the market thanks to it being free via Playstation Plus

The game came out to a big wave of applause and continues to make headlines across gaming outlets. With tons of Players and the game being the most downloaded Playstation Plus game ever (Seriously). 

I thought I’d fire up my copy of Fall Guys and hop right into the action with some amazing gameplay.

Hunter Armada Face Queue Loading Screen
Man I love falling

Before we get the fun stuff though let’s take a step back and look at some of the fun stats from this episode.

Breaking Down the Fall Guys Gameplay (Time Stamps and Analytics)

Time Stamps

Now the thing that I noticed over and over again is that I only played a number of the rounds.

After looking at the Fall Guys official website it does look like the rounds do switch out over time.

The problem I had with this approach is that playing for one hour would mean a lot of repeats. 

If there are 10 rounds in play at all times then I missed 2 rounds after playing for roughly an hour.

I’m not the biggest fan of battle royal games and the fact that it’s about getting good at one single thing never enticed me.

The Raw Round Statistics for my Fall Guy Gameplay

Fall Guys Gameplay Statistics
Makes you think of the rounds that weren’t played

Looking at this with the raw numbers we can see how many of each round I played after 6 matches.

  • Hit Parade – 4 times
  • Slime Climb – 4 times
  • Door Dash – 2 times
  • Roll Out – 2 times
  • Hex-A-Gone – 1 time
  • Fruit Chute – 1 time
  • Royal Fumble – 1 time
  • Perfect Match – 1 time

Let’s Just Jump Right Into Fall Guys with Match 1

Hit Parade Congestion
It’s all about beating the competition

We start the game by playing Hit Parade.

Hit Parade is all about running through an obstacle course.

This involves, sliding goo, turning dials an annoying closing door, swinging balls, and dodging ice cream.

I do good and get qualified to come in at 25 to be qualified.

Next up is Roll Out where you avoid falling into slime.

It reminded me of Super Mario Galaxy with the topsy-turvy nature of it.

Add in a bunch of other players and it can get pretty hectic.

I somehow manage to qualify after just running around. (Basically getting lucky)

Slime Climb is pretty much the bane of my existence later down the road.

But in the first match, I manage to make it to the end and be the first to be qualified.

How this happened is beyond me, I guess the first match is the best.

So after that, it’s time for Hex-A-Gone a game I only play once.

I get so freaking close to the crown but blow it right at the end with Karma getting the better of me after trying to knock someone off.

Failing to Dodge Fruit in Match 2

Hit Parade takes the first slot once again for the second attempt at the crown.

When I played the game I was seeing articles complaining about the games team rounds, but I didn’t encounter one during the time I spent with the game.

I quickly qualify and move on to the second round of match 2, the round is instantly over since no one was holding anyone back.

Fall Guys Qualification Screen
I’m a big fan of qualifying and not getting thrown into the endless void

Another round of Rollout is easy enough to survive albeit a little intense and continue forward.

A new round joins the ranks with Fruit Chute, which has various fruit being hurled at your face. 

The goal is simply to run straight forward and survives the onslaught from all angles. Including apples, bananas, watermelon, oranges, and blueberries.

People are better than me at running forward into the fruit so now we jump into the next match.

Slime Climb Gets the Better of Me in Match 3

For the third time in a row, we once again start with Hit Parade which I easily qualify for.

Slime Climb is the bane of my existence and after trying to take the shortcut I am easily defeated.

So we’ll just take the L in this match and press onward.

Door Dash and Slime Climb is a Bad Combo for Match 4

The first match to change it up involves a new round I hadn’t played before, door dash.

Door Dash is interesting as it’s all based purely on luck since you have no idea which door is safe to run into.

Door Dash Gameplay
The key is to stay in the back, I didn’t get the memo

Are you going to sit back and wait for someone else to tempt fate and try the door or are you going to lead the pack? Each has its own risk and reward.

I decide to sit back and just follow the other people open the doors for me which allows me to qualify and move forward.

Slime climb once again makes my life miserable, gets me eliminated, and forces me to jump into a new match. 

The Crown Is Stolen Right Out From Under Me in Match 5

Hit Parade, no surprise I qualify and move onward and upward.

After losing to Slime Climb several matches I finally make it through and am in the top six. Which puts me in crown victory territory all I need to do is win!

I finally get a new minigame called Royal Fumble. Which is a very cute take on Oddball from Halo.

The goal is to simply grab and hold the tail when the time runs out.

It’s kind of like a team game in disguise as everyone works to grab and hold the tail from everyone else.

With little time left I grab the tail and sit in the middle of the map, It looks good until the game (glitches) decides that the player can grab my tail from a distance.

Royal Fumble Instant Replay
No, the replay did not make this injustice any easier

I feel like I got the crown ripped away from me in the last seconds so I need one more match to just try and feel better.

Why Did I Throw One Last Hail Mary in Match 6

Door dash once again, let everyone else lead the pack to qualify simple and easy.

After chanting “new one” for a bit the final round is a new round called Perfect Match which is reminiscent of a Mario Party Minigame.

The goal is to stay on the block that matches whatever fruit the game picks, usually, I’m good at memory games like this but I utterly fail here.

Is Fall Guys Amazing?

Hunter Armada Giving Final Gameplay Thoughts on Fall Guys
The face of someone defeated and worst of all crownless

Fall Guys is an interesting little battle royal, there’s no violence just cute little sentient jelly beans that run around and try to get crowns.

It has a store, a battle pass, and all the background fluff you’d expect from this kind of game but its presentation is what completes the package.

I did enjoy my time with the game, it’s fast-paced and a solid way to spend some time and feel accomplished doing so. Even with no crown victories.

I see why people like the game and give it high praise.

What’s your favorite round in Fall Guys? Leave a comment below letting me know!

Is Fall Guys Amazing

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