Is Fuzion Frenzy Amazing? (Review and Impressions)

Is Fuzion Frenzy Amazing? (Review and Impressions)

Fuzion frenzy came out back in 2001 as Xbox’s competitor to the insanely popular Mario Party.

Back when the original Xbox was the system, I played a lot of Fuzion Frenzy, mainly the Twisted System minigame.

I wear my nostalgia glasses heavily while I replayed a few rounds by jumping back in as my main Zak.

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Choose your character, pick up the Duke, login in to Xbox Live and let’s find out if Fuzion Frenzy is amazing all these years later.

It’s a Mini-Game Collection to Be Specific

Fuzion Frenzy Start Menu
This is the best a video game menu could get back in 2001

If you’ve ever played a Mario Party or any kind of party game you’ll feel right at home.

Fuzion Frenzy does away with a board or dice rolls and purely focuses on the mini-games.

Rather than collecting items or thinking about the best way to approach a map, you’re tasked with winning the games and collecting crystals for the end-all Fuzion Frenzy.

Select Mini-Game Menu
There are a ton of mini-games, there’s gotta be something in there worth playing!

You pick how many stages you want to play between 2, 4, and 6 then pick your character and you’re in the game.

I always pick Zak as my go-to character, not sure why just always been a Zak fan.

Each stage consists of 3 mini-games than the big final round which is appropriately named Fuzion Frenzy.

Deposit Orbs Screen
Based on how well you play the mini-games you’ll have more orbs to bet

The goal is to have the most orbs at the end of the game and it’s a fun risk-reward system that makes you consider how wisely to bet.

With all that boilerplate out of the way let’s dive into the gameplay of the giant variety of mini-games you’ll get to play.

Mini-Gameplay Collection

Trail Blazers Gameplay
Have you played Snake? Have you played multiplayer Snake?

Fuzion Frenzy at its core is all about the gameplay from all the various mini-games packed in.

This is, of course, a two-way street, on one hand, there is a lot of variety, on the other hand, it’s not very fun or original.

Going back to the Mario Party comparison you can look at it and see so much unique, crazy gameplay that keeps you coming back.

With Fuzion Frenzy, sure there’s a lot of mini-games but if they’re copy-pasted then that isn’t very rewarding or fun to sink time into.

Throughout the review, I play several mini-games that are very similar with a few alterations.

Laser Snare Gameplay
There is little difference between them

Take Trailer Blazers for example and then look at Laser Snare, they are pretty much the same mini-game just with one alteration.

The graphics map and everything are identical you’re just circling little icons rather than avoiding the competition’s ever-growing tails.

Then youtube to the big show stopper the final part of the stage, the big grand finale that is always the same just on a slightly different map; Fuzion Frenzy itself.

Fuzion Frenzy Second Stage Map
The Fuzion Frenzy maps are pretty much all the same with a few different obstacles

The idea is to run around the map and collect orbs that match your color.

Take them to the center to cash them in, rinse and repeat until the time runs out.

You can stack orbs to get a bigger payout as well as hit opposing players to take their orbs and get a bigger score, some levels even have traps.

It’s a fun finale but it can get old quickly.

Is Fuzion Frenzy Amazing?

Hunter Armada Fuzion Frenzy Question
Hunter Armada Fuzion Frenzy Question

Fuzion Frenzy is not amazing, I liked it back when it came out, but it just does not hold up after all this time. Especially when looking at the timeless Mario Party.

With a lot of the mini-games being slight alterations, the city backdrop being boring, and not much replay value when you can just play your favorite mini-games it just doesn’t keep your attention past a few rounds.

I did have fun jumping back into the frenzy, but I’m ready to jump back out and play something that will hold my attention after a quick round or two.

Fuzion Frenzy is not amazing!
Fuzion Frenzy is not amazing!

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