GodFall Makes Being a God Boring (That’s Impressive)


GodFall was the game that let us know that the PlayStation 5 was coming.

It was the showcase that revealed the graphical powerhouse fans could look forward to.

The announcement blew me away with its crazy good graphics and interesting premise. It came across as something like Borderlands but with melee weapons.

Unfortunately, that’s all it brought to the table. Once you sit down and play for 10 minutes, you’ve seen everything.

To make things worse, those 10 minutes will feel like hours due to just how incredibly boring GodFall is.

GodFall TimeStamps

Grab your favorite blankie and try not to fall asleep as I lead you through this snoozefest.

Wakey Wakey It’s Time to Play

Hunter Armada Dreaming of Sheep
Please don’t wake me, I’m dreaming over here

After a nice nap, I awoke to play some GodFall, unfortunately, this game is not fun, but I’m a trooper. Let’s get into it!

Right off the bat, GodFall is an amazing looking game! From the weapons to the armor, everything gleams gold.

This Guy Looks good
How can someone this cool looking be in something so bad?

You can stand anywhere in the game and take a screenshot for an awesome background image. No matter what picture you take, it is going to look great, there is no denying that.

The main issue is that the gameplay loop fails to be fun or engaging. The story is lame and not noteworthy, I can’t even be bothered to write a synopsis because it falls flat.

It is a shame that such a beautifully designed game comes up so short when it comes to substance. Some pictures are pretty to look at, but if there isn’t anything to grasp the eye, then a viewer will quickly move on to the next piece.

At the end of the day, it feels like an MMO with a bunch of fetch quests that you get to suffer through.

From my playtime, I unlocked one new Valor Plate for Phoenix, and honestly, the only change is the voice actor.

GodFall Valor Plate Screen
Would you look at all that stuff

Even achieving the gathering loot aspect of the game doesn’t add enough spice to keep a player engaged.

You get weapons so fast and so frequently that you are unable to enjoy a weapon to its full potential before finding something new.

The biggest issue is that the inventory screen isn’t fast either, making weapon switches a drag. It takes a second to pop in, and when you’re opening it every five minutes to test out a new find, it adds up.

What I ended up doing was completing a whole level, then changing out gear back at the home base. It was the only way I could keep track of everything without losing my mind.

But enough about this! Let’s get to the gameplay by jumping into a story mission in the Alluvial Plains!

Defeating High Lord Phalanxar in the Alluvial Plains

High Lord Phalanxar
All you need to know is that the High Lord needs to be killed, that’s it

We get an intro to the boss of this mission. He is intimidating and he lets you know it; standing there scarily, staring you down with a hammer bigger than life itself.

No dialog, no reason to go after the enemy, just a screen with him standing still with a fierce gaze.

Now we’re back in the game. I do have to give credit that the game loads extremely fast. That’s always a positive in my book, but it isn’t enough to make up for the rest of its flaws.

We enter the Alluvial Plains and get into the action, the game has a waypoint but no minimap. The idea is to just run to the waypoint and traverse the map however you can.

GodFall also likes to put time limits on certain objectives for extra bonuses which can be a pain when you inevitably get lost.

Running headfirst into combat, we take down some of the enemies. The combat is the best and most fun part of the game, as I feel it should be.
It reminds me a lot of God of War’s combat with the shield and weapon variety.

You can throw your shield but even that’s hampered with an annoying cooldown, forcing you to wait before throwing it again.

Plus, when you get down to it, the weapons are there for show and increasing a number.

No matter if you use a big sword, dual swords, or even a spear, they all play the same so you can’t mix and match.

This doesn’t create any unique playstyle or overbearing, long-term fun. It is just using the weapon with the biggest number and spamming light as well as heavy to win.

GodFall Combat
It looks fun! But it’s not

I ram through this first group of enemies with my trusty spear,

Once the encounter is over, that’s it.

That’s the entire game in a nutshell. If you want to go do this for another 20-30 plus hours then GodFall is the game for you!

If not, then just finish watching my video and reading this write-up to feel content knowing everything GodFall brings to the table.

Sure there’s little side stuff to do, Valor Plates to unlock, yadda yadda, but if the core of the game isn’t fun then why would I want to go out of my way for other parts?

Throughout the fights, we pick up some loot and get straight to High Lord Phalanxar.

Fighting High Lord Phalanxar

The fight is the same as any other in the game: lacking flavor.

There’s no mid-fight check to make him harder, no added personality to make it feel different from other bosses, and just no spice overall. It’s just a hack and slash until you win.

Even then that’s not enough. The only addition they put in is him running away mid-battle for us to chase. It just comes across as such a lackluster mechanic compared to almost any other boss battle in any other game. 

After a quick jog (I don’t even like being forced to run in video games), we meet up once again to finish this.

Intense GodFall Fight
I’m having more fun watching the camera fly around than I am playing GodFall

Same fight as before; nothing changed except the location, and even that doesn’t matter.

After attacking High Lord Phalanxar we take him down, I level up, and then gather our loot!

GodFall Level 11 and Loot
I do like color-coded loot and leveling up, big fan

Cleaning Up the World of GodFall

After completing the mission I decide to hang around for a minute to show off some of the gameplay GodFall has to offer.

This is essentially just running around the map a bit and showing off some of the other enemies residing in the level.

We take on a couple of fights, move around a bit, and I can’t help but bring up other good games that GodFall is up against.

Every Games Amazing Video Thumbnails Showcase
Miles, Sackboy, and Astro are much better games, go play them!

It’s a real shame that this doesn’t even come close to being in the same league as any of the three launch games listed above.

I didn’t want to make a video with an opinion I don’t stand behind, so I forced myself to play this for a few hours and I’m still upset.

Everything should work as it sets itself up for success: the era in which the game takes place is fun, the graphics are a true visual showpiece, and the combat isn’t awful. Yet the game falls flat as the weak structure of the story is not enough to hold up the positives.

The Many Menus of GodFall

One thing that GodFall does have going for it is its many menus.

GodFall Equipment Menu
This is the hub of menus, where you can get everywhere easily

From here you can see a clear breakdown of a bunch of menus that you can hop into.

GodFall Weapons Screen
That’s a big colorful list of weapons alright

Starting with the weapons menu, you can see that we have the general assortment of Green, Blue, and Purple to help see at a glance how powerful these weapons are.

Generally, all you need to know is that if the numbers are bigger then you should use them. Don’t even think about playstyle, just use what does the most damage.

Then you can take this to all the other “Gear” in the game. Nothing you change is reflected on the character; it just makes a number go up.

The only things that you can change and see are the weapons as well as the Valor Plates.

Everything else just boils down to a singular number to make it as big as possible.

GodFall Skills Screen
There’s a lot of skills to unlock but very few feel meaningful

Looking over some skills to unlock it boils down to another: what numbers do you want to go up.

I purchase some new skills and we can call this an episode.

Is GodFall Amazing?

unter Armada Giving Final Gameplay Thoughts on GodFall
GodFall is boring and I don’t like it

GodFall is far from the game that I hoped it would be. It sucks to say, but GodFall is a big thorn in the PlayStation 5 launch lineup.

After playing a ton of amazing games, playing GodFall feels like a game that would have been acceptable way back when.

No matter how good the graphics are they can’t hide the stale gameplay, joyless combat, and trivial story.

It all adds up to a game that isn’t worth anyone’s time in my opinion.

Is GodFall Amazing

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Hunter Armada

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