Horizon Zero Dawn… Continues to Amaze | Sawtooths and Sidequests

Horizon Zero Dawn Lets You Rest Up and Reflect

Today’s episode starts off with a bang as we’re thrown into the claws of a new machine creature called a Sawtooth. After a brief catch up with Rost where we explain that we completed to give back the beads to Grata, get the Tripcaster from Karst and proceeded to craft fire arrows. To wrap up the conversation we tell Rost that we’re not going to be a total asshole to him once we complete “The Proving”.

I’m totally perplexed by the laws of the land thing that are happening in the game. On one hand, it kind of makes sense to shun outsiders from your specific tribe. But its seems sort of insane to have laws in place that strictly forbid it. Did something awful happen in the past that justifies this? We don’t quite know yet as everyone keeps it very vague and confusing.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Insane Wording

It’s not just me that thinks this should have to be something you have to say to someone who raised you, right?

Horizon Zero Dawn Throws You Right Into The Sawtooths Clutches

After a quick nap at the campfire, we head to the gates and the guards silently open them for us. The path before us is laid with destruction, we see a cabin on fire in the distance and a new creature burning beside the path. We learn that it is a Sawtooth and how it takes a lot of effort to bring one down, as I’m about to find out. Continuing down the path I pick up some items, climb a hill and out pops the Sawtooth.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Sawtooth

It’s only scary if you look at it… oh god run!

Rost being a complete waste here just expects you to figure out how to take down the beast. If games have taught me anything you always aim for the obvious bright parts on the enemy. Much easier said than down in this scenario. Especially after I proceed to screw up this hunt as much as possible. Trying to learn the Tripcaster on the fly doesn’t really work out so good.

Just Me and The Sawtooth

After getting the Sawtooths attention I move to a nice stealth location in some large grass. He follows me right into the thick of it and I get a stealth strike that does a nice amount of damage. Then everything falls apart, as the Sawtooth really shows it malice. It’s fast, tricky and sneaky in one scary package. Once it knows your presence its a fight for survival.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Run Away From The Sawtooth

When I said run, I really meant RUN FASTER

Running in circles doesn’t really accomplish anything so I take a stand and try out the Tripcaster. It shoots out a rope that you can use to make a tripwire to electrify your enemies. Aiming behind I am able to shoot out a quick line that the Sawtooth runs directly into. This stops it in its tracks and buys me time to strike for some massive damage.  Utilizing my new fire arrows I aim directly for the yellow canister under its belly. This creates a nice big explosion and leaves the beast with little health. A quick getaway and am able to get behind the Sawtooth and finish it off with some quick arrows.

All In a Days Work In The Wilds

After taking down the Sawtooth we meet back up with Rost. We learn that once we pass “The Proving” well become a Brave and be expected to fight for the Tribe not just look out for one’s self. We have been practicing just for our own gain but that’s all about to change.

Changing lanes seeing as how this will be the last chance we have to do anything before we go onto “The Proving”. We tackle the side quest that I had received in the last episode. A quick jog and were faced with saving Arana from a pack of Watchers.

Sidequests are surprisingly Elaborate In Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn - SideQuest Arana

You can have a multitude of conversations throughout a side quest

Some quick stealth takedowns and we’re safely able to talk to Arana. During the stealth, the world’s weather starts to change to a rainscape and it starts coming down hard. It doesn’t really affect gameplay but the character makes a comment which is a nice touch. We learn that a Watcher took her mothers staff and that we should go retrieve it.

A cool detail is that we use our ability to track where the Watcher went and follow a nice clear path. A short hike brings us to some snowy peaks. Climbing to the high ground allows us to survey the situation.

Scouting and Planning to Bring Down The Machines

Horizon Zero Dawn - Plan of Attack

Being able to scout the area and plan an attack is a useful thing to do

Surveying the situation shows is that there are five machines in total. Planning an attack and executing it is essential here. Don’t worry I manage to blow it in spectacular fashion. Trying to take out the closest one screws up stealth in a big way as being tossed down a hill is never a good thing. Luckily I’m able to recover and take them down by aggroing them one by one until only the true target remains. A quick stealth kill later and we have recovered the staff, now just to turn in the quest. We receive thanks as well as a spear damage upgrade for out troubles.


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