Kingdom Hearts 2 Continues to Amaze | 1000 Heartless Annihilation

Kingdom Hearts 2 Gets Crazy from This Point Onward

This is where everything goes into overdrive in Kingdom Hearts 2, the game doesn’t slow down from this point. With Goofy down Sora, Donald and the King rush into the fray. This part is completely amazing, you run from battle to battle and fight along side Tifa, Leon, and Cloud. It’s so amazing, the music is in full swing; you’re avenging Goofy and taking down tons of Heartless.

kingdom hearts 2 Cloud Swing

It’s only for a short time but fighting alongside Cloud is a definite highlight

Before we know it Goofy’s back and it’s time to jump into the biggest battle in the entire game. Moving forward we get a little cutscene between Ansem the Wise and Mickey, but we’re not here for that. We’re here to take down 1000 Heartless!

Annihilating 1000 Heartless

Wasting no time we move forward and get surrounded by countless Heartless. Surrounded on all sides with Ansem controlling the horde of Heartless, it’s time to battle!

kingdom hearts 2 1000 Heartless

It’s just Sora and 1000 Heartless, it’s pretty damn amazing

Jumping right into the heart of the Heartless the fight begins. With just a Keyblade in hand, Sora dives headfirst ready to take every single one down. This part is amazing, it’s one big fight with a ton a Heartless. The worst part is that you’re stuck with the Limit Drive Form only, not to say it’s worthless; it’s just not as fun as the others you have. One complaint is that there are only two variants of Heartless but it’s so much fun it can be overlooked.

Oh Right Story

After that battle, it’s time to jump back into the story where you lose King Mickey again. That’s the theme, he always leaves as soon as he enters. Axel shows up to tease you with news of Kairi and to tell you to have it memorized. Maleficent attempts to make good on how evil she is and she does save Sora, it’s an interesting twist. We get sea salt ice cream and call this an episode.

kingdom hearts 2 imbeciles

Have I mentioned that Kingdom Hearts is my favorite game series of all time? Seems important.

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