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Lumo Keeps You Thinking

Lumo is a game I just couldn’t get out of my head. Between Horizon, Zelda, and Nioh it somehow managed to pull me back in. Wanting to see how deep the strange rabbit hole goes is a great motivational tool. It’s so weird and unique that diving deeper was needed just to get a better sense of what Lumo is. Starting off where we left off the last episode we journey through a door that I was able to open off camera. This brings us to a conveyor belt rife with danger; a few jumps and we’re back in the room that was closed off last time. Using the new entrance to jump on some crates we move forward in our adventure.

Lumo Backtracking to Move Forward

Sometimes you gotta backtrack to progress in Lumo

Platforming Is the Name of the Game in Lumo

Lumo Donkey Kong Reference

Well this looks oddly familiar and reminiscent

The first room is a throw back to the Donkey Kong of old, barrels and dodging; the twist is you’re going down not up. Next up is to spin a wheel in order to lower the water level so we can progress downward. It’s pretty cool that everything in the game is given the bare essential of simply jumping on it. This seems to the theme of Lumo, jumping will solve any and all problems. Moving through a ball rolling room that took me far to many attempts were in the room where we lowered the water level. Jump some boxes and to the other side through a portal, we go.

Dropping Balls to Move to the Jumping Gauntlet

Lumo Dropping Balls to get a big ball

I’m just going to say that the big ball vanished and I have no idea where it went

Coming to a small ball puzzle that’s as simple as moving the balls into holes by moving some boxes. We get a small gauntlet on our way to our final goal. Jumping over spikes on some conveyor belts proves to be a little taxing. Next up is some slow moving platforms that aren’t much of a challenge. Spin another wheel to open a door and going through the door causes something I totally did not see coming.

Lumo Oh God Run

Oh God Run, that’s where the big ball went to Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The big ball we just dealt with not too long ago is now after blood and it’s coming at full speed. Having to jump over ground spikes as well as dodge ground spikes, the goal is to make to the exit before the gate closes. The fact that he goes back for his hat was a really nice detail that I really appreciated.

Magnets for the Win

Lumo Giant Magnet

It’s an odd claw game, but it wasn’t too difficult

After escaping that brush with death we come to a little magnet claw-like game. It’s fairly simple as you just need to move the magnet to the shiny thing and bring it back. You can’t go to fast as it’ll get stuck on the geometry and just stay left behind. Now I can’t personally tell what the thingy is but as with the SD card we got last time I’m guessing it’s something tech related. Filling out more of our little notebook we cross the water we’ve been forcing downward and come to a room with four doors. This is for the next episode as this one has been pretty fruitful.


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