Lumo Continues to Amaze #3 | Mine Cart Chaos

Working Our Way to the Mine Cart in Lumo

Starting right where we left off in Lumo last time we’ve got four doors to pick from and of course I pick the wrong one right off the bat. The door next to it leads to a similar dead end, but at least we get a coin and take a quick bathroom break. Taking the complete opposite door brings us to a room with some easy conveyor belts to a map of the area were in. Learning that the last door is the correct door I make my way over there. This leads to some shifting walkways and room with the key we need. It’s as easy as moving the wheels on the ground to move the platforms into a position to make jumping over to the key possible. Grabbing the key allows us to open the door on the other side of the map.

Lumo -3- Even Heros Need To Use The Bathroom

Even heroes need to use the bathroom at some point

Moving through the key door brings us to four more doors, it’s just a never-ending sea of doors in this place. It turns out to be no big trouble as you simply need to climb some cabinets in order to reach the ceiling and platform to the objective. After grabbing the wheel to the mine cart we proceed back and place the wheel on, this allows us to move forward.

Aforementioned Mine Cart Chaos

Lumo -3- Mine Cart Chaos

This mine cart section is easily the best of the game yet!

The minecart doesn’t really get more involved than just simply press X to jump and move left to right to change lanes. That being said it still is the best part of the game yet. It doesn’t overstay its welcome, it is a fun little diversion and manages to get move you forward. What more could you really ask for really? I manage to screw up a fair amount of jumps, failing more than I should have. But I had to make sure I collected all the coins along the way. Simply because I have to get them all, it’s hardwired in me to collect everything. Towards the end, there’s a camera that takes your picture, and the character actually reacts. This is a nice touch and produces a neat little picture.

Lumo -3- Mice Cart Picture

I have no idea what that wording says but I bet its amazing

Moving Below the Depths With New Creepy Crawlies

Coming off the mine cart we end up in a what seems like a church. After a bit of exploring and obtaining a map and cassette tape, we press forward. The next part is simple as we just have to push three pillars into a position with no real trouble. The room we drop into has a grim reaper looking dude asking for a second gemstone. We have to get him one to open the door so it’s time to check out more random doors. Continuing to surprise we get a room where we have to swing on a rope and continue to a pullable lever. This opens a new door and we press onward.

Lumo -3- Spiders Why Spiders

Why oh why did it have to be spiders

We run into a big gigantic spider and I leave the room as fast as I possibly can. Unfortunately, I run into another room with even more spiders, they’re just smaller. It doesn’t help that I die as soon as I enter the room. Inching my way to the last room that I have yet to check, I run in ready. Fortunately, the room just has a switch that kills the big spider. I move to where I once could no go swing to a door and learn how to swim.

Swimming In the Depths

Lumo -3- Swimming In the Depths

You get an oxygen bar and everything

Swimming is pretty basic, just jump when you need air and don’t jump in order to sink. You can use the air coming out of the ground to refill your oxygen bar. Pulling the lever is easy and opens the door to move forward. Following it we flip a switch and reveal a new rope in order to swing to the once inaccessible door. I decide to go down and run into a whole bunch of spider eggs, I grabbed the cassette and got out of there very fast. Lastly, we swim through some rooms pull one last lever and that’s where we call it for this episode.

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