Lumo Continues to Amaze #4 | Weaponized Disco Dance Party

Having a Weapon Is Always Useful in Lumo

Right off the bat of this episode in Lumo, we enter a creepy run filled with coffins and a door leading to a straightaway to a pedestal. We grab a little wand looking thingamabob with a yellow crystal stuck in it. The little wave to the player is a nice touch and we’re back out into the thick of it. Running to a room ahead I forget what I just got and instantly die by the spiders. Thus I learn that we can’t actually utilize the wand yet as it needs fuel for it to work. So for now, I just pull a lever and go over the spiders.


Takes a while but you finally get something to defend yourself, from the spiders

All Weapons Need Ammo I Suppose

Dodging some more spider along the route forward we come to a room with a lantern in it. Grabbing the lantern allows the wand to gain the power it needs in order to now function. Now being equipped with a power bar on the side we can use the wand to create a nice glowing yellow light. Spiders, in turn, do not like this light. Shining the light makes the spiders scurry away, this allows use to move forward past their defensives. You recharge the lantern by grabbing little floating lights and it will most likely come into play for some puzzles later on.


Yeah, you’d better run

Killing Spiders All The Merry Way To The Gemstone

Moving into a big room we kill a great big spider with our new wand. Then it’s just managing your wands power all the way to the end. This is where the Gemstone we need is located. The puzzle of the room is simply managing your magic wands power in order to not get overwhelmed by the spiders.


Reaching the gemstone isn’t too easy and isn’t too hard, its just right

Dealing with the Grim Reaper in Order to Get to the Dance Party

Returning to the statue with the Gemstone allows us to proceed through the newly opened door. As we do the statue comes to life and chases us down a hallway. As we get to the end of the hallway and onto a bridge, our hero decides to do a “You Shall Not Pass” joke to get to safety.

Lumo-4- You Shall Not Pass

You Shall Not Pass To This Glowing Thing Over Here

We fall into a very cool room that builds itself. From here we have to color in all the parts of the floor by running on them. However, if you run over it again it reverts back to normal. It’s a fun little sequence filled with color and challenge. Each section adds something new to make it just that much harder even though it’s always the same size. Upon completion, we get the letter “E”, I have no idea why but by looking at the notebook its gonna spell something.

Lumo-4- This Episodes Brought To You By The Letter E

This episode is brought to you by the letter “E”

Spider Shades

As we leave the area we receive a nice looking floppy disk and break the grim reaper that chased us earlier into a bunch of little reapers. Climbing a tower we run into probably the oddest thing I’ve encountered yet in this game. A spider with glasses on, now besides being weird, this does have some gameplay merit. This means that the spider is unaffected by the magic wand. Nothing to major just dodges its attacks and make it to the exit. But man this game never ceases to be unique in any way possible.


Yep, looking close enough you can see the glasses on this spider

Getting through that oddness we get to the Flux Capacitor that we missed earlier and get to a really annoying room. Now you just have to swing across the room but man does the controls not leave much room for error here. I cut out the ten minutes it took for me to cross this pit but it was not fun in any regard, just annoying to say the least. Clearing that we move a box to a lever, use the wand to illuminate a path to a door and use a teleporter.

The Ice Level in Lumo Is up Next and It’s Not Fun

I really hate ice levels in games and Lumo is no exception in any regard. The ground becomes ice and you slide everywhere, it’s not fun, just a bad scene all around. You get a small glimpse at the end of this episode but it all comes to a head next time.


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