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Lumo Lures You in with a Warm House After an Icy Nightmare

After coming out of the icy depths in Lumo we enter a nice cozy house type area. It may be filled with traps and flames but it’s a whole lot better than anything we just went through. We start off by entering two rooms in a long hallway, there’s nothing in them but it seems like someone once lived here. Grabbing a map we jump down a room and enter a big room with the four grim reapers circling a witches brew. You can’t interact with them but above the brew, we see the items we’ve been collecting throughout our adventure. Seems like we need one final piece and to clear out the reapers to finish this adventure.


Their colors will make sense down the line but for now, let’s not worry about it

Bonuses for Everyone Climbing the Tower

We start by going through the bottom left door, which leads to a teleporter. We enter another room where the floor builds itself and we must dodge rolling death blocks. I manage to go through the only door that leads to a bonus area and this one’s a real doozy. The goal is simple, just climb the tower within the time limit. The pro tip for this bonus is to not go in circles and waste all your time like I did. At first, I’m climbing just fine at a good clip, problem is that I didn’t notice that I’m spinning my wheels before it’s too late. By the time I figure out where I screwed up the clocks already struck zero and I fail yet another bonus room. Damn, I had a good feeling about this one but it all came crashing down.


I’m not going to point out the grammar issue here, MUST STOP MYSELF

Enough Fun and Games, It’s Time to Get down to Business

Now we can actually get down to business and work our way through this house. Being thrown out the bonus area and landingĀ face first we move back to the reapers and go through a different door. We pass through a flame floor that gives me some trouble, I just needed patience and to get a better perspective. The next room throws in a new tile that changes every couple of seconds. All you need to do it jump when the floor tick, we jump over some floor spikes with a spring.

The next room is actually pretty cool, you move a platform with your movements in one direction. Dodging the spikes isn’t too much of a hassle but when your standing on the edge its a bit scary. Running into a fence I realize that I can’t progress and need to head back. Turns out the went the completely wrong direction so returning back brings me the right way.

The Numbers, What Do They Mean?

Passing through a room with bouncy UFO spikes that shoot flames, cause they weren’t bad enough, to begin with. We use the wand to create a path to the other side. Now the thing about this area that manages to go completely over my head is that you need to hit the levels in the correct order. This means that I attempt the hardest room first and only manage to frustrate myself, ending up with nothing. Once I hit the switch I realize there are three switches and that the numbers in the rooms relate to building an escape. So I go room by room and do them in the requested correct order. This starts the machine and makes a bubble that we can use to cross the room.

Bubbles Aren’t the Best Vehicles

So for the ending of this first trial, you need to get across a pit with flames, spikes and only a little bit of air current. The key here is to use the perspective of the room in order to make your way across. Problem is that it really sucks, it’s rough when the best viewpoint of where you are is the little shadow you cast below you. It’s too hard to see when everything else wants to kill you. I basically just go into a trance and do nothing but focus in order to conquer this room. You have to ignore everything going on around you and just focus on staying afloat and making sure you’re in a prime position to not die. From here we grab a key and move through a key door, nothing too special but we’re one step closer to the ending.


It’s fun until it’s not fun anymore


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