Lumo Continues to Amaze #8 | Finale

Wow, I Managed to Complete My First Game Playthrough – Slow Clap

So I am very impressed with myself that I managed to start a playthrough and actually finish it. That seems to have been my downfall with the path I have chosen. I jump around to many games at once, I think I’m going to change gears and focus on one game at a time. Record a whole bunch of episodes with one game and stick with it for a bit before changing it around. I have no idea, I’m still new to this whole thing. I mean I could easily record episodes, splice them together and upload them to youtube. But there’s no challenge in that, it’s too easy. I want to grow this site, my youtube channel, and make something special for myself and you guys reading this.

Anyway Let’s Get into It and Reach the Ending of Lumo

To start this off we have to go through a whole bunch of spike rooms of different varieties. Ones static and the other you have to stay on a moving platform, next we jump on a spring to flip a switch and return to go through the other door. From here we play a bit of air hockey as we have to bounce the UFOs into the goal. It’s a tad frustrating but you just need to run into them over and over again. No real trick to it just gotta keep hitting them closer and closer to the goal.


Air hockey has never looked so adorable

Next up is another box puzzle, this is the last box puzzle. You need to move the boxes in a way where all three are in a line to reach the button on the ground. I’m not even going to explain how I did this because I’m fairly sure I managed to break the game. For some reason when I got two boxes to line up it caused them to hit the switch on the floor. I didn’t need the third box and I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I ran for that exit door as fast as I could because I wasn’t about to miss an opportunity this good.


As soon as the door was opened I sprinted to it, I don’t care if I didn’t find the correct answer

The Room with the Spikes

After overcoming that we reach a long room with a lot of spikes on the ground, lasers, and moving platforms; this should be fun. This room is all about using everything we have learned in playing Lumo. Gotta jump when needed, watch for the lasers to turn off and dodge the spikes on the ground. All this while staying atop the moving ice platform that wants nothing more than to slide you off to your doom. It takes some doing but I manage to overcome it with some precise jumping and timing. Grabbing the cassette in the end I rush through the door.


Yep, overcoming this entire room gives you a cassette

One Last Room To Conquer, Coming Full Circle

With just one room left in this four 4 chaos I dive headfirst into it and it all comes full circle. This is the first room I attempted and managed to go to the bonus room, time to not screw this up again. Going a completely different direction in order to dodge the rolling spike blocks I manage to find a new door. This takes us to a good old fashioned dodge the room tiles room. This is fairly easy, the tiles come up from the ground to kill you. The best strategy is to just run in a circle as I wasn’t hit by a single tile while doing this.


The tiles may come to try and kill you but little do they know you can run in circles

From here we receive a key that we can use in the last room. Climbing the circle boxes floating in space and grabbing the key is no problem. I run a few different places and proceed to get lost. Eventually, I reach the key door and now it’s time to deal with the colored grim reapers once and for all.

Ghost Busting Reapers Pac-Man Style

The final part of this game is actually kind of amazing. You’re flown into a Pac-Man style maze with the four grim reapers acting as the ghosts. It’s up to you to get to the four corners of the maze and gather energy for your magic wand. This will allow you to grab the grim reapers and put them in there place. The reapers are much faster than you but also don’t have any kind of clear path, I think it’s all randomized. Running around the maze isn’t too awful as its fairly small and getting to the corners isn’t much of a hassle. Obviously, it’s much harder to get the first one as they are everywhere on the map. But once you take one out the rest go down easily.


Ghostbusting is just fun it of itself, mix it with Pac-Man and you’ve got a hit in the making

A Pie Is the Final Piece of the Puzzle, Let’s Get out of Here

Home Strech here, after leaving the Pac-Man area we come to the door with all the numbers revealed. Going through it reveals a Raspberry Pie Motherboard; of course, it’s all so simple. Putting all the parts we’ve collected into the witches brew that is no longer being guarded we make our escape and thus make it to the end of Lumo. We’ve created the full motherboard and escaped the game, I like how the main character starts bolting immediately. With that Lumo is completed, not much of an ending but I wasn’t expecting much to be completely honest here. It ended with what it had and was a fun game to boot.

Lumo had charm, wit with no dialog, a lot of heart, and was just plain fun. Its controls could have been tighter but I was able to accomplish everything placed in front of me with not much worry. I want to write a full review so I can really lay out my feelings for this game, so stay tuned for that forthcoming sometime in the near future.

Hey, if you’re playing Lumo let me know in the comments below or on my video up above. I’d love to hear from you and your experiences! Heck if you could let me know if you like my content, that would mean the world to me. Love it or hate it any way you slice it could help me improve. Remember to like, comment and subscribe if you like my content, it really helps me out!

If you made it to the bottom or end of the video you’re amazing! Go get yourself a cookie, make it a chocolate chip; you’ve earned it!

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