(8) Blood Thirsty Batty Boss Fight in Nioh

NIOH Continues to Amaze #8 | Blood Thirsty Batty Boss Fight
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NIOHs Blood Thirsty Bat Demon

After taking out the small fries, we’re starting with a bang today in Nioh we try to take down the second big boss of the game, a bat demon named Hino-Enma. She’s fast, does a ton of damage, and can paralyze you with her bat wings. But I think we can take her down. The trick to this battle I discovered is to keep your distance, this gives you a chance to dodge her long-range attacks. Which will paralyze you in your tracks and she’ll come in with her feet or umbrella to do a ton of damage.

Blood Thirsty Bat Hino-Enma Boss

Yep, that’s not unnerving at all or anything. WHY IS HER TONGUE BLACK?

This boss is all about waiting for an opening and exploiting it. She has several attacks where she will stay still for just long enough for you to get some hits in. Unfortunately, on the first try, I attempt to block her attacks head-on and I die instantly. In the second attempt I take things a little slower with similar results. I fail to dodge roll in time and get my throat ripped out. But hey third times the charm right?

Hino-Enma Throat Rip

My poor throat never stood a chance

Third Times the Charm to Defeat Hino-Enma or so I’ve Heard

After being taken down two times in a row without much to show for it, I’m ready to take her down. I take the fight very slow and calculated. Only attacking when I have an opening, blocking to the best of my ability, and maintaining my stamina. I heal when needed, in turning burning through all my elixirs. What helped me out was using my weapon to take out all her stamina. This gave me more than a few openings to take her health down.

Patience was the name of the game her and once I realized that I was able to take her down. Missing a grab that killed me earlier I go in full force, taking out all her stamina. This brings her to the floor and I give the final blow. Taking a breather to pick up the gear she dropped I just bask in the victory for a bit.

Hino-Enma Defeated

Bat lady down, I repeat bat boss lady down; feels good

Story Time with Nioh

Now I’m going to be completely honest when I say that I have no idea what’s going on in the story with Nioh. We get a cutscene where we talk with someone who was held captive by the boss. After grabbing his hand he transforms into a big giant bull that’s our new spirit. He is better than the current guardian I’m using so I do change to him when I get the chance to.

Big Bull Guardian

Yep, it’s a pretty cool looking bull

We move to a sweet cutscene that plays out like a watercolor painting in motion. In it, we learn that the two countries have a battle looming between them. Next, we get a cutscene where everyone drinks to the victory we just had. Everyone’s drunk and showing off their guardians. We get to see the cat again as he dances a bit. Needing a bit of fresh air we move outside to run into a new character.

New Character and Spirit

New faces in Nioh

Wrapping Up

We’re essentially given our next mission by this mysterious lady that leaves almost immediately after she shows up. Kinda cryptic but the map screen has got our backs in helping us where to go. Next up is a never-ending rain-filled place, its gonna be full of fun surprises!

Now it’s time to move onto some never-ending rain.


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