NIOH… Continues to Amaze | Boss Toppled and New Lands Discovered

Nioh – Fighting The First Boss

Nioh - Fighting The First Boss

What I’m not scared, you’re crazy

Jumping right into the first boss fight we get a fairly intense showing. Phasing in with two giant wrecking balls, we see a bigger scarier version of the minibosses we just got through taking out. The fight isn’t too hard to be honest just have to be patient is all. Dodge when needed, attack when an opening arises and retreat to take a quick breath. I was floored that I was able to topple this big guy on my first shot. Although after losing to him so many times from the beta I really shouldn’t have been.

After some calculated strikes, he decides to drop his chain balls and instead hurdles them at me. This requires picture perfect timing to dodge; also he does get a lot faster and his openings shorten. Patience, healing items, and a whole lotta luck are the sweet taste of victory.

Nioh - First Boss Defeated

Instead of explosions Nioh has burning ships to walk away from

The Big Ol World Map

We get a quick cutscene after the battle but the stories not really why were here; although that cat is adorable. Getting to a map we get to see the whole world of Nioh, it’s pretty big with a lot of places to go explore. We can stop at what’s called the “Starting Point” to go to a shrine, visit the Blacksmith to upgrade weapons, sell weapons and change hairstyles and hit up the dojo to train. After taking a quick look around we jump right into the next main mission for a whole new land to explore.

Nioh - World Map

The world map in Nioh is pretty big

Nioh – Jumping Into The LimeStone Depths

Jumping down into a cave we meet a talking cat, which is fairly unexpected. We get a little backstory on why the cat can talk to us and then it’s back into the action. Although it’s a new area the land stills familiar as long as your on your guard. Moving through the caverns we come to a cliffside that takes some careful footwork to not fall off of. The next cavern allows us to face a variety of enemies that require different tactics to vanquish. Unfortunately I take a wrong turn by opening a door and get surrounded, but fortunately,  I was able to grab a key before dying.

Nioh Talking Cat

Nioh is just full of surprises but this spirit cat is just adorable

Nioh – Pushing Forward Against The Odds

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense, the next section is primarily just pushing forward towards the next shrine. Take a dip in at the nearby hot springs to regain some life and mowing down a lot of enemies. After I get to the safety of the next shrine things take a turn as I explore more than I should have. Falling down a cliff causes me to get lost and try my best to run around for an exit back to the safety of the shrine. It takes some doing but I am able to return to the shrine and take a breath.

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