Is Peggle 2 Amazing? (Review and Impressions)

Is Peggle 2 Amazing? (Review and Impressions)

Peggle 2 surprises and dazzles with some truly creative gameplay as well as just being pure fun from start to finish.

From the fast-paced levels to the surprising characters you’ll meet along your journey it’s a nonstop puzzle thrill ride that will leave you wanting more.

It’s straightforward, rewarding, and challenging as can be without taking the wind out of your sails.

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Let’s grab some balls, pick out our favorite character (Bjorn the unicorn!), and clear some levels in Peggle 2 to find out if it’s amazing.

Would You Look at All Those Colors

Peggle 2 Start Menu
From the second you start up Peggle 2 your in a world of colors

Filled with color, life and so much character Peggle 2 isn’t afraid to constantly keep you engaged and entertained.

All the characters in the game have so much personality and keep it entertaining which I truly enjoy.

I have often played a puzzle game that throws you onto the same screen with minor differences and repeatedly asks you to do the same thing.

Unicorn Puzzle Level
The main part is the board, but there’s so much to look at and enjoy around the gameplay

There’s a ton of variety here all served up with a rock-solid gameplay style that just keeps the fun coming.

You’ll start at castles with large hills and go all the way to snowy mountains and even underground caverns.

All with their unique spins on the standard gameplay in way of the character chosen.

Gnorman Cutscene
Every character has a fun short introduction

Taking Gnorman as an example you can see the origin of the character in a nice brief cutscene that introduces you to the upcoming levels.

It all boils down to some great high-quality fluff around the edges of a masterful puzzle game, something you tend to not see in games of this nature.

It’s a welcome surprise to elevate the entire package, but what about the gameplay?

Fun Is the Name of the Puzzle Game

Aiming Ball
So you have these puzzles and this cannon that shoots balls

The entire point of Peggle 2 is to shoot a ball at the orange-colored dots, once they’re all cleared you move onto the next level.

You have a cannon and aim to help you out, plus the character’s special powers.
For example, the Unicorn (Bjorn the best character) can show you where the ball is going to bounce after it hits its first dot.

Bjorn the unicorn using his special powerup
That is one focused unicorn I must say

Hitting blue dots gets you points and clears the board.

Hitting orange dots are needed to clear the level and move forward.

Finally, green dots get you the character’s special power to be used for a few turns, they also stack so you can keep it going.

At the bottom, you have a moving bucket that if a ball lands into you get a free ball, you can also get more balls by racking up points.

Each level also has some extra tasks that you can attempt to complete if you’re looking for that extra challenge.

One extra caveat that I will say is that you never feel like you’re bad at the game, this is where I think that the levels are rigged in some way.

I took several shots that just should not have been possible but wow does it feel good when you nail them.

The entire goal of the game is to make you feel special and it hits a home run every single time.

Although the best part of the entire experience is when you beat a level.

Finishing Puzzle Hype
The incredible feeling of finishing a level is the best part of the entire experience

Every single time you beat a level the amount of over-the-top hype is crazy real.

Creating explosions, slowing down the ball, playing intense music, fireworks, character hype and everything else comes together in one fireball of a finale.

Bringing style to the forefront and making you feel like a true gaming master each time you complete the next challenge.

Level to level you’re going to be filled with so much excitement it’s hard to put the game down until there’s nothing new for you to play.

It’s a puzzle game that defies expectations but understands fun and does everything it can to keep you engaged.

Is Peggle 2 Amazing?

Hunter Armada Peggle 2 Question
The level of hype from finishing a level cannot be matched

Peggle 2 is amazing, there is no doubt in my mind from the second I looked at the starting menu I knew I was in for a ride.

Going above and beyond in terms of immersion on a scale that brings fun center stage and keeps you moving forward at a rapid almost crazy pace.

You won’t have any time to put it down as it keeps you engaged, moving forward, and most importantly having fun.

Peggle 2 is amazing!
Peggle 2 is amazing!

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