Is the Resident Evil 8 Village Maiden Demo Amazing?

Is the Resident Evil 8 Village Maiden Demo Amazing?

Resident Evil 8 Village Maiden Demo does a lot in just 20 minutes. Taking you through a haunted dungeon and mansion with tons of scares to be had.

I’m really glad that Capcom made a demo, or as they call it, a Visual Showcase.

Reminds me of the time when demo disks were aplenty and everyone could get a sneak peek of what was coming soon!

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Resident Evil 8 Village Maiden Demo at a Glance

Let’s take out our fake vampire fangs and escape this creepy place together!

So what exactly is Resident Evil 8 Village Maiden Demo?

Resident Evil 8: Village? Maiden? Demo?
Yeah, the title of this demo confused me like no other

I’ll be the first to admit the naming convention for this is all over the place, but the demo just called the entire thing: Maiden.

So I guess that works but it’s still a Resident Evil 8 Village demo, they just tacked on a fancy name at the end.

It’s confusing but it gets the job done if you take a step back to view from a distance.

Hunter Armada and a Calendar
I haven’t played a demo in an extremely long time, Maiden feels so fresh!

After taking a bit to get my bearings, the first thing that strikes me is that I’m playing a demo.

Now, demo’s used to be these incredible little views into what the entire game would be like. Pretty much just cut out sections from the finished game to act as a hands-on preview.

Hunter Armada and Blasto
I’d say the Blasto demo was far better than the final game

At 18:20 I bring up Blasto, which had a better demo than the full game could ever hope to be.

Demo’s used to come on disks and have around 6 demos for you to enjoy and experience before the games came out.

They were always fun to look forward to and got you excited for a game that wouldn’t be out for months.

Demo’s slowly changed to being more like experiences rather than slices from a full game.

Engaging and bringing you into the world you’re soon going to experience; this is what the Maiden demo does so well!

Let’s Take a Walk Through a Dungeon and Explore the Gameplay

Resident Evil 8: Village Maiden Title Card
Ah, yes. Very inviting.

I came in fresh, blind, and doe-eyed into this demo. I refused to look at any sneak-peeks or other media sources because I wanted my first experience to truly be my first experience of what the future of the Resident Evil series holds.

I can easily say I wasn’t disappointed. This game is going to be fantastic, even without much gameplay to go off of.

The entire experience boils down to a walking simulator–and a very pretty one, might I add.

Going from a dark dungeon with dead bodies, a screaming unknown behind a wooden door, and solving a quick puzzle is scarier than it should be.

Remembering PT
This entire game reminded me a lot of PT

Taking the overall experience into account, it did remind me a lot of PT, basically walking to the end to solve a few puzzles.

But the trip is worth it as the game provides a pleasant look to the eyes with enough ambiance despite the scare factor.

The game harkens back to Resident Evil Biohazard in terms of scope and gameplay, which is the new approach the series has taken.

Resident Evil Biohazard Boxart
It’s the same game in a new area judging from the demo, which isn’t a bad thing

Once you get through the dungeon the game does show a bit more of the cards in its hand while you traverse the new mansion!

Lady Dimitrescu’s Mansion

Lady Dimitrescus about to stab Hunter Armada
I have many conflicting emotions at this moment but by god is she tall and awesome

Lady Dimitrescu steals the entire show and gives the demo an amazing ending.

One second you’re running away from a random vampire, the next the Tall Lady is about to stab you in the face!

It’s a nice change of pace from the opening, basically from zero to one hundred in 20 minutes.

Hunter Armada about to be Vampire Food
Everything wants you dead and that’s just perfect

The demo is perfectly paced and a ton of fun as you solve some puzzles while on the edge of your seat the entire time.

The mansion is just stunning and shows the true power of the PS5, which never ceases to be super impressive.

Maiden Demo Mansion
It just looks so good in all that 4K glory!

All in all, the demo looks incredible and it lives up to its promise of being an awesome Visual Showcase.

Is the Resident Evil 8 Village Maiden Demo Amazing?

Hunter Armada Giving Final Gameplay Thoughts on the Maiden Demo
A Visual Showcase to remember

The Resident Evil Village Maiden Demo does what it sets out to do in a nice 20-minute timeframe.

It got me super interested in the world and it showed a bit of gameplay while still staying the classic Resident Evil framework. Roll that into the fact that it feels like it was made to be part of the next-gen line of consoles.

I had a ton of fun playing this and I can’t wait for the full game to see more!

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