Sackboy: A Big Adventure is an Adventure Worth Taking

Saving Craftworld from the Evil Vex | Sackboy: A Big Adventure Gameplay [PS5]

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a title that fulfills its promise: providing a multi-world adventure stuffed to the gills with creativity.

Everything feels alive and handmade, from the enemies to every level, it is a true joy to play through.

Sackboy has a ton of customization options that allow your imagination to go into overdrive, providing you the power to customize him however you like.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is an incredible platformer to launch alongside the PlayStation 5.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure Time Stamps

Let’s not waste any more time and dive into Craftworld to help stop the evil Vex!

Welcome to the Imagisphere

Hunter Armada and Sackboy Welcome You
We’re just jazzed you’re here!

I was a big fan of all the Little Big Planet games but it always felt like the story modes were lacking.

The idea was for the players to create the game, levels, and worlds which helped the games to become something special.

But this brings it back to the developers over at Sumo Digital to let their creativity shine through.

There’s a lot to this adventure, so let’s see what makes it all come together for a fun collectathon.

Highs and Glows

High and Glows Level Select
Starting on the right foot, there’s a lot here

Taking a moment to pick Sackboy’s outfit, we dive right into High and Glows for some undersea fun.

Playing Sackboy: A Big Adventure feels great with the DualSense and you notice the handcrafted feel of the game right from the get-go.

We grab the boomerang for this level and throw it at some papercrafted jellyfish to light the way forward.

Jellyfish Light Up Level
When you hit the jellyfish the level begins to show itself, it’s cool!

When you hit the jellyfish the ground shows up so we can safely get to the other side.

The main goal for each level is to get to to get a gold trophy for your efforts.

The other goals are Ace and finding all the presents. The presents are costumes you can equip and Ace requires you to get through the level without dying.

We move forward and find our first shine hidden in a diving helmet.

There’s so much charm throughout every level of Sackboy, from little crabs popping up to the fish swimming in the background.

Crab Waving at Hunter Armada
With the crabs all waving at Sackboy, I felt left out

These little details add up to create levels that feel alive as they brim with creativity.

We grab a jellyfish of our own so we can create a traversable path into the dark trenches. I even use it to get another hidden shine.

Sackboy Carrying Jellyfish
It’s stuff like this that makes you smile

Taking a moment to show off the many emotions of Sackboy, we make him happy, sad, and even angry to show his range as an actor.

I was surprised to discover that Sackboy: A Big Adventure is much longer of a game than I anticipated.

There’s a big adventure here and it’s going to take a whole lot to get through it, but you’ll have a smile plastered to your face throughout.

Finding the first present of the level unlocks a new piece of a costume.

One odd thing I feel is lacking is that Sackboy can not change his outfit mid-level.  I feel like this is a missed opportunity to have some fun and equip everything you collect on the fly. 

If I find something awesome to wear I want to immediately wear it and not have to go all the way to Zom Zoms to go through a few menus and dig out the new outfit. I wish it were set in a style of something like Animal Crossing where you can switch outfits straight from an inventory at any point.

After that explanation, I blow the Ace reward as I jump right to my doom. Oops.

Taking the express, we run into some enemies that need to lose their armor. Using the jellyfish and finding the Knitted Knight Trial cube unlocks a fun speedrun.

A hidden room is revealed and we take on a fun puzzle to solve. It requires the boomerang and some solid platforming skills.

Sackboy Mini Puzzle
There’s a lot of these and they’re all unique!

The DualSense is showcased when pulling a bobble out of the ground. It’s cool and you can feel Sackboy struggle thanks to the enhanced rumble.

We find a new emotion for Sackboy to equip and then jump up through some clouds to get to the final stretch of High and Glows.

We are taken to some very odd parts of the ocean, including a crab taking a shower, to collect the final shine.

Crab Taking a Shower
Sorry to bother you, Mam

There’s so much packed into every level. This is throughout the entire adventure which is very impressive.

Opening the vault we get to the end of the level and receive a total score. I failed to get the silver trophy but Sackboy’s still pumped!

Hunter Armada and Sackboy Instagram Likes
Sackboy says to like all his Instagram posts!

Even though we didn’t get silver, we still managed to get a lot of Instagram likes from our photoshoot!

One issue I do have is that the level reward screen is a bit slow, taking a while to rally your accomplishments. I feel that it slows the overall flow of an otherwise fast-paced game.

The Kingdom of Crablantis

Moving back into the open world, we go through a bit of the overworld to discuss its multitude of hidden secrets.

Taking a small path of fish, we find a dish that opens a transport to another section of a different world with its unique level.

The Soaring Summit

This is like a little piece of the much bigger level that you can hop over with its unique levels to take on.

After a little debate, I decided to jump into the Between the Lines level.

Between the Lines

I discover almost immediately that this may be the hardest level in the game yet.

It is a highly demanding level that needs full concentration. Something I realize I cannot provide when recording myself.

From the highwires to the spinning circles, it has a lot to focus on.

Taking a minute, I appreciate the music in the game. This is a feature that can make-or-break any video game and I’m glad that Sackboy doesn’t let us down with its tunes. The music adds so much to every level to make it feel alive.

The soundtrack changes to match the player’s actions on-screen while also adhering to the overall mood of the level.

Taking in some high wire antics, I narrowly avoid all the enemies as we jump along the tightest of tightropes.

The urge to get the mini shines is too great and I take a hit and die a few times.

Using the momentum of the spinning wheels is surprisingly difficult and takes some platforming skills that I, unfortunately, do not possess.

Can’t Pronounce Sidescrolling
Words… they elude me in my hour of need

Taking a zip line, we get to some more tightropes. The level gets the better of me and I run out of lines forcing me to throw in the towel and move forward.

Next up is some speed running action involving the Knitted Knight Trials.

Knitted Knight Trials

I like the Knitted Knight Trials, from the music to the challenge, they’re a ton of fun!

Knitted Knight Tria -6 Tilty Pleasures
Things get tilted for this speedrun

For this section, I decide to take on the trial we unlocked earlier: Trial 6: Tilty Pleasures.

We don a sweatband and get running to the amazing music. We have to go fast to get through the time-limited run, going for the gold.

The key is to constantly run forward and never stop if you want the gold.

Hunter Armada Sweatband Speedrun
The sweatband is key when going for the gold trophy!

Dodging all the tilt and grabbing the clocks is how we manage to get gold time on the third attempt.

With the music amping us up, we get the gold and call this a victory!

Hunter Armada and Sackboy Twitter Likes
Sackboy says to like all his Twitter posts!

Taking a moment to reflect and enjoy the gold, we rack up a bunch of Twitter likes and move onto Bubble Jeopardy.

Bubble Jeopardy

Jumping right in and… have to keep jumping! This level’s unique trick is all about jumping in and out of giant bubbles.

You can use the bubbles to gain height and jump all over the place.

Sackboy in Giant Bubble
Just don’t drown, please

We find a new costume piece and take the bubbles up and over to continue onward.

Jumping and swinging our way onwards, we dodge enemies while finding the hidden moons to collect the final shine.

Taking the bubble trial, I fail at platforming and die via spikes. This causes me to lose the Ace reward, which at this point I’m used to.

Next up we have to dive through some bubbles to get the enemies out and open the way forward.

A pro tip is to always go the wrong way on every level in Sackboy: A Big Adventure since you’ll almost always find a hidden secret.

Taking the advice, we find a hidden door and meet a recurring character, Gerald Strudleguff. He gives some neat background and some shines along the way.

Gerald Strudleguff: He's an Explorer
He’s here to help and drop knowledge

Collecting his shine, we take a swig of water and continue into the bubble madness.

We make it to the end of the level after another death of course after some high bubble craziness.

Sackboy and I are super thrilled for our next photoshoot because we managed to get a gold trophy!

Hunter Armada and Sackboy Youtube Likes
Sackboy says to like all of his Youtube videos!

After amassing a ton of Youtube likes, it is time to go visit the merchant Zom Zom and see what’s for sale.

Zom Zom is the Best Salesman

Diving headfirst into the bonus stage brings us to meet Zom Zom and one of his wacky trials.

The idea is to break everything as fast as you can. I fail to realize I can roll through everything.

Zom Zom Bonus Stage
Took me way too long to just roll through everything

With a ton of new collectibles in tow, we make our way to Zom Zom’s shop to start spending everything.

Everything has a price in this shop but it’s cool that you buy things in pieces rather than full outfits. This means even more ways to customize uniquely.

Zom Zom Shop
If you can think of it, there’s probably an outfit for it

Outfits come in all shapes and sizes, from Little Red Riding Hood, Tigers, and even some modern choices like headphones and VR headsets.

It’s really fun and you can customize your Sackboy however you want as long as you have the collectibles to purchase it.

But even then, every level has so many clothing pieces to collect that you’ll be able to find something fun to wear and uniquely put together.

Sackboy and Hunter Armada White Void Eyes

With some new emotions thrown on, it’s time to gear up for the final level of the episode… as well as a big boss fight!

Thar She Blows Up

Ending this on a boss fight is the right call as the level is somewhat open-world and on the shorter side.

It’s cool that there are shorter levels like this where you can decide if you want to go after the collectibles or just run straight to the ending. It makes it feel like you can handle the level however you want, rather than being forced on a set path.

Especially when exploring is this much fun!

Taking the zipline dives us right in to grab the grappler. This allows us to throw explosives at the obstacles and move throughout to collect all the shines.

I discover that I am missing a shine and use one of the coolest features on the PlayStation 5 to help find it.

The PlayStation 5 has a feature if you’re a PlayStation Plus Subscriber called Activity Cards.

These are helpful cards you can pop up using the DualSense controller to help you throughout any level.

The PlayStation 5 knows what level of the game you’re in and will default to that helpful guide.

So you just have to load the card and watch a quick video to find all the collectibles within Sackboy: A Big Adventure. This is so much more efficient than something like Navi screaming “HEY! Listen!” and then giving you mundane clues that confuse the player even more. 

However, the issue is that I missed this first Shine right at the start. Unfortunately, this means my only choice is to move onto the boss fight.

Sackboy Vs The Ruffled Ruffian
He has green sticky hands and that’s the coolest part of the game, don’t @ me.

The Ruffled Ruffian is an imposing boss but Sackboy has the grappler to help take him down.

The basic part of the fight is to run around and dodge his slime hands.

You pick up the explosives around the arena and throw them at him while jumping and rolling around.

After a few bomb tosses, we take the ruffian down and secure a gold trophy!

Hunter Armada and Sackboy Youtube Twitter and Instagram Likes
Sackboy says to like EVERYTHING!

After amassing a ton of Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram likes, we are ready to wrap things up on this big adventure.

Is Sackboy: A Big Adventure Amazing?

Hunter Armada Giving Final Gameplay Thoughts on Sackboy
Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a hell of a PlayStation 5 Launch Game

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a solid PlayStation 5 launch game.

Filled with charm, fun challenges and so much jam-packed action to keep you entertained for hours.

It’s nice to have a platformer at the start to exemplify the fast loading and the difference in graphics that can be achieved.

The fact that the game plays nicely and is a great showcase of the PlayStation Activity Cards is a welcome experience to help you get ready for what is down the road.

I enjoyed my time with Sackboy: A Big Adventure and I can’t recommend it enough!

Is Sackboy A Big Adventure Amazing

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