Spiritfarer Is a Chill Boat Ride With an Adorable Cat (Gameplay)

I’m on a Boat to Ends of the Earth | Spiritfarer Gameplay

SpiritFarer is a game that came out of nowhere, I just saw it on Game Pass and thought well that looks fun.

The game has amazing animation and a great gameplay loop to keep you coming back to improve yourself and your boat.

The overall goal of the game is to bring spirits to their destinations and along the way you feed them, build them a home, and hug them.

The world is your oyster and I’m here to help give you a taste of a great game.

Seriously if you have Game Pass give this game a go, you won’t regret it.

Breaking Down the SpiritFarer Gameplay (Time Stamps and Analytics)

Take a look at the statistics below for a quick breakdown of what I encountered in my lets play of SpiritFarer.

  • 4 Hugs
  • 3 Islands Explored
  • 3 Bell Rings
  • 5 Terrible Attempts at Voice Acting
  • 1 Sheep Fed
SpiritFarer Gameplay Statistics
4 hugs doesn’t do this game justice

Time Stamps

Let’s hop on the boat and set sail in my gameplay of SpiritFarer.

SpiritFarer Welcomes you to the Voyage of a Lifetime

To start we take a look at the fluid animation by watering some plants on the boat, the detail is just incredible.

We talk to the merchant where you can sell or buy goods and turn in some quick errands.

You can build the boat however you want with the buildings provided, you can even improve the homes of the spirits residing on the boat.

Building on the Boat in SpiritFarer
The boat is your oyster and you can customize it however you want

Now, this takes materials that you gather from shipwrecks and exploring the various islands across the giant world.

The goal is to make the passengers on the boat happy by feeding them, do little quests, and giving them hugs.

The happier they are the more they’ll help with keeping the boat in tip-top shape.

Let’s go to our first island of Mount Furogawa and do some exploring.

Exploring the Island of Mount Furogawa

The music of the island is the first thing to take notice of as it’s just so soothing and chill.

We have a quick chat with Astrid and move onward deeper into the island to get a lay of the land.

I fail at voice acting, run into an empty house, and meet a new spirit that needs my assistance.

Right after I decide to take the local island tour and get some Mount Furogawa backstory, but all I can focus on is the adorable cat. (Daffodil)

Daffodil playing with orb
Daffodil is one extremely adorable cat

We meet Gwen purchasing some fiber from the local market and I decide to drop some money and buy some much-needed goods for the long trip ahead of us.
After making some purchases we move on getting the gliding ability from the local shrine which allows Stella to use gusts of wind.

Going back to a locked door we open it and grab some loot from a chest and figure out the next step in our boating adventure is to go to specific coordinates.

With that, we return to the boat.

Riding on the Boat and Doing Chores

Now its’s time to set sail and do some chores while we ride the boat to the Hikarishima Lighthouse.

The boat only moves when you’re on it, if you jump off then the boat stops, and also the boat doesn’t move at night.

Nighttime is a great way to finish any last-minute chores you may have or just go to sleep and get ready for the next day.

We feed Atul some popcorn, which makes him very happy. 

Next, we cook up some pork chops that I bought at Mount Furogawa.

I have no idea what jumped onto the boat but it was weird and left as fast as it came.

Something jumped out of the water on the boat
Believe me I’m just as confused as you are

We water some more plants, harvest some corn and I explain how the distance to the place we’re going is displayed in-game.

All the different little chores you do on the boat have a little minigame attached.

This includes cutting logs, spinning thread and even making ore at a giant furnace.

The better you do the at the minigames the more supplies you get for your efforts.

The bottom line is that no matter everything you do has a purpose and pay off to help you on your grand boating adventure.

Whether that be a chore or simply feeding people, it’s all about keeping everyone happy.

Hunter Armada 2020 SpiritFarer Quote
“The point is to keep them happy if you’re not keeping them happy your not accomplishing anything” – Hunter Armada Quote 2020

After a good night’s sleep, we ring the bell and get to what matters; the hug montage.

Hug Montage

Hugging Astrid on the boat
Hugging your Spirit residents is vital gameplay

Hugging is a big part of this game and what more could ask for then a good old montage showcasing it.

Seriously hugging your resident spirits is vital to keeping them happy and interested in helping you on your adventure.

Hug all your spirits every chance you get as it’s the easiest and most efficient way to keep their Spirits up. (Yes I know what I did there thanks for asking)

More Boat Chores

Watering some more plants isn’t enough so we play some guitar to help them grow faster.

Time to turn our attention to Summer who will water and sing to plants for you.

A good course of action is building him a home to help make him happier, also throw in a shower for Atul and we’re in good shape.

A Quick Trip to the Hikarishima Lighthouse

Taking a quick detour we end up at Hikarishima Lighthouse which turns out to be a bust.

Turns out I don’t have the ability needed to progress on the island.

So instead give Gwen some coffee check out the store, lose my train of thought and continue to push forward.

Gathering Resources at Resuteno Meadows

After a short little boat ride, we land at Resuteno Meadows and immediately befriend a nice sheep.

A little explanation can go a long way and after I fail to try and get the point across I say the orb is like a handyman.

Which I use to cut down the tree and then another one.

Atul will take some wood as well since he’s happy, moving forward we talk to some of the locals before returning to the boat.

SpiritFarer is all about the Boat Chores

At the end of the day, the basic idea is to ride the boat in this vast world and just enjoy the world that has been created. 

I battle with the games world map on our way to a shipwreck to gather some items.

We take a quick breather and do some fishing, which manages to get a message in the bottle.

Fishing in SpiritFarer at Night
Sometimes you just need to take a step back and fish off the end of your boat

After ringing the bell and waking everyone up we do some cooking before diving into the ocean.

Now the goal here is to open boxes and dive for resources which is a nice little detour on your way to wherever it is your going.

Standing on the edge of the boat
Sometimes you just gotta sit at the front of your boat and think about the world and everything in it.

Let’s wrap things up by getting lost in a quarry.

Getting Lost in the Hoseki Quarry

Now with the glide ability, I can make a bit more progress in this area but honestly, I’m still missing some critical.

I kind of just run around and get lost via the wind currents, although I do find a chest.

Getting lost in the Hoseki Quarry
Did I mention that a map would be helpful? Sounds important

But otherwise, I just get lost in the darkness, the thing that would be super helpful is a map.

This game doesn’t have a map of the area just the world which means I get lost, like a lot.

Is SpiritFarer Amazing?

Hunter Armada Giving Final Gameplay Thoughts on SpiritFarer
When your boats filled with life, it makes you feel amazing

SpiritFarer is amazing, it’s a chill feel good boating adventure that makes you feel accomplished.

Whether it be something small or something big every task has weight and a purpose, everything you do matters.

From hugging to cutting wood it never feels like the games wasting your time because it all helps you advance.

SpiritFarer is a great game that is free on Game Pass and I hope everyone gives it a shot.

Is SpiritFarer Amazing

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