(2) Meeting the Fabled Squirrel King in Tearaway Unfolded

Tearaway Unfolded Continues to Amaze #2 | Meeting the Squirrel King
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Tearaway Unfolded is just a delight through and through

As After coming off my full playthrough of Lumo I jump back into Tearaway Unfolded to help deliver the important message. Getting right down to it we make our way to the Wassail Orchard and learn a bit how the chapter selection works.

Probably so we can go back and collect any presents we miss along the way. We sort of get the sense that someone or something is stalking us through the world. Which is always unsettling. Using our light we create pathways through logs to reach a drum.

Jumping on a Drum

You use the touchpad on the DualShock 4 controller to make Iota jump into the air using the drums

Tapping the touchpad on the PlayStation 4s Dual Shock 4 allows us to jump to higher ground. This also creates music and allows for some neat platforming sections. Since Iota can’t jump at will we need to time our taps perfectly to move forward without falling. We come across the squirrel that we created a crown for last time. But he’s lost his color and only a picture will do the job. From here we just need to be on the look out for things without color, so we can fix them.

Bringing a Picture back to Color

Giving color back by taking pictures is really cool

Drumming and Apples Lead to Victory

The scraps make a return and we need to defeat them and grab an apple to move forward. Using the Guiding Light makes this short work as we throw them over the edge. Grabbing an apple and throwing it into the glowing soup allows a plant to grow and open a pathway. From here we use more drums to bounce upward. Landing in a battle arena we use both the drums and Guiding Light to take down more scraps.

To move forward we need another apple and the only way to get this one is to solve a quick puzzle. Using what we’ve learned from using the drums we need to bounce the rolling apples upward to reach a single point. It’s fairly easy but kinda fun, just tap the touchpad when need to make the apple reach its destination. After we grab the apple we drop it in the soup and press forward.

Solving the Apple Puzzle

Bouncing these apples is pretty easy, but no doubt pretty fun

Flowers Shooting Apples

From here, we need to break scraps around flowers in order to shoot apples into more soup. Doesn’t get too complicated just kind of timing based, same with jumping across the rotating drums. Entering another arena we take down some more scraps. This part I liked as you need to have the flower shoot the apple, then light a path for it to follow on its way to the soup.

Meeting the Squirrel King

From here we jump on some more drums, get to a camera I can’t use and meet someone quite interesting. All the squirrels line up and usher us into their domain in order to meet the squirrel in charge. We become privileged enough to wear the crown we created ourselves, this helps other squirrels know that we’re kind of a big deal. We take a nice happy picture together and call this an episode!

Meeting the Squirrel King

Meeting a King is always a bit overwhelming

Next up we jump on some Turntables!


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