(3) Turntable Jumping Is a Lot of Fun in Maypole Fields

(3) Turntable Jumping Is a Lot of Fun in Maypole Fields

Leaving the Squirrel Kings Domain in Tearaway Unfolded

Coming right back in where we left off last time we are still within the Squirrels Kingdom. Before leaving however I run into a squirrel that requests my assistance. Wanting me to help prank his fellow squirrel, I’m more than up to the task.

Problem is that I have no idea how to prank said the squirrel, it takes me running around for a bit before I realize how to accomplish this. I go grab a present muse over some of my options and return to decorate and prank the squirrel.  I place an eyeball on the squirrels tail and call it a day, I get the present and proceed onward with my adventure.

Squirrel Prank with one Eye

Having an eyeball on its tail will not end well

From here we leave the kingdom and move towards a giant forest filled with drums. Utilizing the touchpad to bounce, move objects to clear a path and platform my way through.

After a bit, some more dastardly scraps show up to just make things more difficult. I just use the guiding light to throw them over the edge and into the abyss below. You can also use the drums to dizzy them to make it easier to dispose of them. Once they’re all gone we get an apple to start a party!

Turn Tables and the Magic of Jumping

The party starts, the world lights up and color reigns supreme. Everyone’s super happy, dancing, and just thrilled that the area has been granted color once more. Turntables and apples litter the area as you push through the party-goers.

Coming to a giant X in the ground we run and press X right over the top of it. This causes it to launch Iota way into the sky, unfortunately, it’s just not high enough to reach our destination and deliver our important message.

Iota was so close to the goal

Iota was within reach of getting to his goal, but it was just out of his grasp for now

To come so close only to come crashing down isn’t enough to deter Iota on his adventure. The fall causes him to fold up his legs and allow us to chose when he jumps. Being able to jump at will is a nice addition and allows for some good puzzles down the road.

We start by grabbing a nice present with our sweet new jump ability. Walking across some turntables reveals that we can use the DualShock 4 touchpad to scratch them and make our music. It was a cool sequence, no doubt.

Moving into the Maypole Fields

Big Scary Castle

Yep, this is easily the creepiest thing in this game yet

Jump some gaps and we run headfirst into our next section of the game. We have to reach the area above but to get there, we have to move through a field in our pathway. Taking a short tram ride down to the Maypole fields is a little blast of joy, it’s a cool sequence. Upon exiting the tram we open another book and thus another chapter.

We run into a blind man who wants some eyes, so I give him three eyes. Cause you can never have too many eyes. Jumping a few fences takes us to a section where we learn that the butterflies in the area have no wings. So using my creative skills I create wings for the creatures. Taking a nice breather to enjoy the butterflies I just helped end today’s episode!

Maypole Fields

Accomplishing things in Tearaway feels good when you’re the one doing it

Let’s go Hog Riding and go to new lands!

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