(5) Iota’s Fear of Crows help to Harness the Wind

(5) Iota’s Fear of Crows help to Harness the Wind
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Windy Crows Block the Way in Tearaway

Jumping right into the dark forest we left off at last time, it’s time to get past a fear of Crows and save the forest. After running into a whole bunch of crows blocking the path we reach a crack that we can’t quite deal with yet. Moving forward we see the shiny key we oh so need in the distance. Problem is that a wild Crow possesses it and it has an entire army helping it out.

Running from a ton of Crows

Run Iota they’re going to steal your soul!

Getting close tells us that you don’t mess with the Crows and the sky god decides to take pity on us. After we make our clouds to fill the sky. We gain access to a new power, the power to control the wind and blow past any obstacles. This is amazingly cool as you just gesture on the touchpad of the Dual Shock 4 and the wind blows in the direction that you slide your finger.

Paving a Path Forward Using the Amazing Power of the Wind in Tearaway

We use the wind to move some cloth on the ground to form a bridge so we can cross a chasm. Next, we flip a platform to get it to give us an opening to move onward. But not before grabbing a present under it. I grab several presents while moving through this section which is just an amazingly rewarding feeling. Crossing a few chasms moves us to the key but the Crow runs away and the scraps come into ruin our day.

It's those Crows - I told you they were cunning!

Your damn right, I fell right into their ambush

From here we’re stuck and we need to battle our way to get off the rock. Using the wind we can stagger the scraps to beat them. Once they are out of it; its as easy as throwing them off. We continue to chase the key down, grabbing some presents along the way. We roll open a gate and enter what feels like a beehive.

Bee Flooring That Flips over Ain’t Going to Stop Iota

This section is very cool, you can use the wind to flip the flooring beneath you. It’s a two-way street however as the Crows can also flip the floor by flying over it. But that’s a little later, for now, we need to cross a pit using a barrel that we move with the wind. From here it’s just crossing some more chasms, taking pictures, and defeating more scraps. Next time we’ll continue to chase down the Crow and hopefully get the key back.

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