Tearaway Unfolded Continues to Amaze #4 | Hog Riding Brings Us to Amazing New Lands

Jumping on a Pig Is Always a Good Idea

Today’s episode is truly a fun one, as we get to the good stuff right off the bat. We quickly learn that a once great warrior pig is now sad. Well, this just won’t do. We’re going to have re-ignite his love for battle if we are to proceed. Thankfully this is as easy as fixing his one small eye and making it nice and big. I try my best to make it identical size but I think I may hVe missed the mark a bit.


Nah, those eyes are close enough; it’s all good

We jump on this now fearless hogs back and ride headfirst into those dastardly scraps that block our path. This part of the game is a nice change of pace from everything else we have seen in Tearaway thus far. The pig is fast and controls great, it’s not a non-stop runner you can go backward as well as forward. This gives you a chance to not miss any destructible boxes or enemies. The music roars and the pig moves at full-speed, you can use the Guiding Light to help destroy scraps and help heal the world.

Iota and a Pig Braving the Darkness to Find True Love

Going from the nice beautiful outside to the dark and dank inside of a cave isn’t enough to stop us. Using the Guiding Light of the Dual Shock 4 controller we light up a path to take through the darkness. This allows us to deal with scraps and a few puzzles in our path. The cave is a pretty stark difference from anything else we have seen yet in Tearaway. There are emblems on the walls and ground, maybe they’re relics from the past of maybe they’re just world building. Either way, I’m determined to make it all as clean as possible.


Only game I can think of where two pigs come together to find true love

Exiting the cave brings us back out into the sunshine as we come to the end of our pig adventures. Thus we find what appears to be our hero pigs wife and they go inside a little hut. The game deals with this in a very adorable way that I won’t ruin her. Iota is still young don’t you know. Moving on from that life lesson brings us to everyone applauding us for making it this far on our quest.

The World Opens Up, We Meet Some Elk and Need to Deal with Some Dastardly Crows

Coming out the other side of the applause we come to a big field where we can explore at our leisure. This is the first time this game opens up and it’s nice. It keeps it linear by telling you how to progress but letting you explore the area to your heart’s content. Moving to a big house we have a crow steal a key and fly into what looks like some scary woods. Unfortunately, we need that key to enter the house and apparently, crows steal souls.


You can’t match the majesty of this amazing Elk so don’t even try

Moving behind the house I find an area that has no color, we change this with a quick blast of the Guiding Light. We save a sweet Elk by bringing light back into the cave that was once covered by scrap everywhere. Moving back into the open field we explore the area a bit to collect some presents. failing at talking to people on a boat we give an Elk that has all hope a new look in order to feel better about himself. From there we head over to where the dastardly Crow brought the key and call this today’s episode!


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