Unboxing the PlayStation 5 (PS5): A Dream Come True (First Impressions)

PlayStation 5 Unboxing | First Impressions + PlayStation 4 Pro Comparison

Unboxing the PlayStation 5 is a wild ride from start to finish.

It dazzles you with a unique, attention-grabbing box that keeps you guessing about what is inside.

The PlayStation 5 is a masterclass of a console, really making you feel like the next 7 years are going to be groundbreaking.

This is shown from the moment you open up the box and then showcased by playing Astro Bot, which is pre-installed.

Let’s get right into unboxing the Playstation 5 and see why this console is so amazing.

PlayStation 5 Unboxing Video Time Stamps

PlayStation 5 Box Overview

The Playstation 5, from the get-go, lets you know what you’re getting into with a clean front.

I love the triangle, square, circle, plus sign behind the PlayStation 5 console and DualShock 5 controller. Little things that make the design cohesive to the brand are easy ways to tell an item is of quality. 

We also have the 4K 120FPS showing as 8K and HDR in the upper right.

Front of the PlayStation 5 Box
The front of the box is very clean making it just nice to look at

Looking to the left side of the box we have the PS5 logo as well as everything that comes packed inside.

Inside the box is the PS5 console, the DualShock 5 Controller, mounting stand, HDMI cable, AC Power Cord, USB Cable, Printer Materials, and Astro Playroom pre-installed.

Left Side of the PlayStation 5
I like how the triangle and circle bleed over to the left side of the box

On the back of the box, we can see a nice big picture of the PlayStation 5 and the DualShock 5.

We can also see it has 825 GB in hard drive space, lighting speed, breathtaking immersion, and stunning games!

You’ll be able to put in an M.2 Drive in the future to expand the storage but Sony has yet to announce anything specific.

Lighting speed talks about how fast this console loads video games and apps. It’s insane, just unreal. 

The immersion is on another level using the 3D audio, I’ve never heard anything like it; impressive.

The stunning games are no joke. All of the launch games are true showcases of just just how powerful this console is.
If you have PS Plus then you get a big library that includes Sony first-party games, such as Ratchet and Clank.

Back Side of the PlayStation 5
They want you to know this is a PlayStation 5

The right side of the box has differently angled photographs of the console and DualSense controller.

Right Side of the PlayStation 5 Box
Plain simple and elegant

No, that the box has been covered, let’s unbox this thing and get into the console itself!

Unboxing the PlayStation 5

Unboxing the PlayStation 5
1 piece of tape is all that held me from getting to the console

I had to stand up, put the box on the floor, and pull the console out. The box is just that big! It even weighs around 15 pounds.

There’s a box within a box and it holds everything we will need.

PlayStation 5 Accessories

PlayStation 5 Accessories
Everything you’ll need in one nice little box

We got the instruction manual, the safety guide, the AC Power Cable (No Power Brick is awesome), USB-C for charging the controller, the PS5 stand, an HDMI cable, and the DualShock 5.

The PS5 stand is impressive; it’s hefty with a solid structure meant for both horizontal and vertical standing.

No matter your entertainment center, the PS5 is going to fit nicely and look incredible.

The DualShock 5 (DualSense) Controller

DualShock 5 Controller
The new DualShock 5 has to be held to be believed

The controller feels incredible when you hold it. It forms perfectly to the hands so gameplay will be a comfortable breeze.

The touchpad is still front and center and it has a nice diagonal cutout that just looks cool.

Also, the PlayStation button is nicely etched into the controller, plus it has a nice push-in effect.

I like the sleek, white look with the black contrast. Every detail within this generation is pleasing to the eye.

The mute button is a great addition and something well thought out.

The triggers feel great and even better once you’re playing video games!

Comparing the DualShock 5 (DualSense) the DualShock 4

Comparing the Dualsense to the DualShock 4
They look very similar but the internals are where the magic lies

The most noticeable difference is that white and black contrast on the new DualSense.

The DualSense just feels better than the DualShock 4, it has a better grip and fits in your hand nicer than its predecessor. 

I’ve been using the DualShock 4 for the last 7 years and it’s nice to have something that feels evolved.

The other key difference is the Playstation button is no longer a circle; it’s a cut out of the PlayStation logo, so it can be harder to press.

The D-Pad and the Share/Menu buttons are in the same place.

The key difference is the internals, that’s what makes this controller so unique and will vastly improve gameplay.

I also love how the lights are much more subdued on the side of the touchpad rather than a big bar across the top that annoys you. It’s much more subtle.

Let’s get into the PlayStation 5 console itself!

The PlayStation 5 Console

Front of the PlayStation 5
It’s a V for 5 with a bulge for the disk tray, very nice!

The PlayStation 5 is crazy looking, just awe-inspiring. You have to see it in person to understand just how insane this console truly is.

It’s a breath of fresh air in the electronics space with it being so freaking rad looking. It is just so different from every other console, Sony or not. It makes you wonder what the hell it even is if you didn’t already know.

Ultimately it looks like a concept for a game console, not the final product and I’m just so glad Sony had fun with it!

On the front, we have the disk tray, power button, disk eject button, a USB-C slot, and a USB slot.

PlayStation 5 Side of the Console
The PlayStation logo cut out on the side is just beautiful

The side of the console is nice with the logo cut out. Sony truly planned for it to look great whether one chooses to stand it up or lay it on its side.

PlayStation 5 Back of Console
Pretty standard stuff back here to plug in and get gaming

We have the power connector, HDMI in, Ethernet cable, and two USB inputs.

This is also where the stand is placed via the nice button inlay to help guide you.

This is a very tall console, no two ways about it, with a hefty weight to boot.

The buttons click-in rather than being composite.

Comparing the PS4 Pro to the PS5

PS4 Pro next to the PS5
This is 7 years of engineering right here

These are two very different consoles no matter vertical or horizontal.

The PS4 Pro is matte black and on the smaller side, while the PS5 just towers over it.

Again it comes down to the difference in size and scope for these two consoles.

The PS4 has a nice shiny logo but the PS5 logo is cut out of the casing.

The big takeaway from these two consoles is that there is no more optical out on the PS5.
This is a shame because that was useful on the PS4 Pro, but with the Pulse 3D Headsets, you won’t miss it.

Putting on the PlayStation 5 Stand

PS5 Stand Horizontal
It’s easy to put on and looks great doing it

Putting on the PS5s stand was surprisingly easy; you just match the stand to the squares that are cut into the PS5.

This allows for vertical or horizontal and it looks fantastic either way, just do what’s best for your entertainment system.

Before I put it on the stand, I didn’t realize the disk tray was at the bottom, but after using it there are no issues.

Final Thoughts on the PlayStation 5

Final Thoughts on the PlayStation 5
From the crazy look to playing amazing games, the PS5 nails everything perfectly

I am so impressed by the PlayStation 5, this is truly a console that was worth the wait.

From playing games to simply looking at the console’s design; it is evident how much thought went into its creation.

It is a premium console and it makes sure you know that from every aspect, I am so overjoyed to jump into playing it.

I’m going to go play some Miles Morales and just look at the console in awe!

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