Is Unravel Amazing? (Review and Impressions)

Is Unravel Amazing? (Review and Impressions)

Unravel is a side scroller with a unique twist starring a wonderful character named Yarny. 

Yarny being made of… well, yarn, helps create a nice grounded experience while also making the gameplay engaging and fun.

Traveling to many different locations, getting a sense of the grander world, and solving puzzles is the core idea behind this side scroller.

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Grab your favorite colored yarn (green!) and let’s find out if Unravel is amazing!

Want to make your own Yarny like the one in the video? EA has an awesome guide that I would say is worth trying!

The World Brings Streamlined Exploration

Mountain Trek Picture Frame
The level select is a nice little house where you go through pictures

The world of Unravel is showcased via picture frames that house pictures whose intent is to warp you to all different kinds of locations.

Yarny is on a journey to collect various tiny yarn creations by completing the many levels throughout.

Each level corresponds to the house owner’s life. As you journey you slowly fill out a picture book as Yarny.

It’s chill and says a lot with a little. Yarny has no dialog or voice of any kind, only “talking” with movements.

Yarny Adding to Picture Book
After every level, you fill out the picture book more and more

In the video, we go through a level titled “Mountain Trek” which is fitting to its name as you go on a trek through some mountainous terrain.

Starting in the tail end of the forest, as each level leads into each other, we slowly go through various mountain trials as one example.

From dangerous wildlife to risky cliffs, this level shows all the different styles of gameplay you can expect throughout your time with Unravel.

Yarny Collecting a Memory
Throughout all the levels you’ll collect various memories

Memories are throughout every level. They aren’t hidden collectibles, just nice backdrops to give more life to the levels.

The collectibles in each level are just little puzzles and offscreen trinkets you can find with a bit of extra effort.

Yarny Is a True Explorer

Yarny Climbing a Tree
Yarny isn’t held back in any way from traversing the world

Yarny is a force to be reckoned with and isn’t fazed by anything in his path, without a nose or mouth there isn’t much to stop him; other than water.

Water is the big obstacle as you can drown fairly easily, so many of the puzzles revolve around avoiding water.

But you do have ways to traverse despite how hard it may seem at first glance.

Since Yarny is always connected to the starting point you have a limited amount of yarn to work with overall. Use it all up and you’re stuck.

That’s a lot of yarn
You’re going to have to get creative to solve some of these puzzles

The yarn can be used to create bridges to cross gaps and lift heavy objects. Swing from tree branches, hold onto plastic bags, and even pull down levers.

The amount of creativity on display is impressive and it is always exciting when a simple mechanic is pushed to the limit, always feeling fresh and exciting at every level.

Yarny is a true explorer. The world has a feeling of craftiness at every turn. It feels organic, which is a true joy.

Is Unravel Amazing?

Hunter Armada Giving Final Gameplay Thoughts on Unravel
Is Yarny enough to bring this all together?

Unravel is amazing, Yarny is such a fun creation and the level design is incredibly well throughout!

The core gameplay works well with the world created and the yarn limiting mechanic adds a nice weight to all the puzzles, even if there’s one solution.

Yarny is a great character that says a lot with a little, a truly surprising game where you can just take a step back and chill out with some yarn.

Unravel is amazing!
Unravel is amazing!

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