Maiden Gameplay

The entire experience boils down to a walking simulator and a very pretty one, might I add.

Taking the overall experience into account, it did remind me a lot of PT, basically walking to the end to solve a few puzzles.

Can't Beat Tradition.

The game harkens back to Resident Evil Biohazard in terms of scope and gameplay, which is the new approach the series has taken.

Vampires Everywhere!

The demo is perfectly paced and a ton of fun as you solve some puzzles while on the edge of your seat the entire time.

The Graphics are insane!

The mansion is just stunning and shows the true power of the PS5, which never ceases to be super impressive.

Lady Dimitrescus is tall!

Lady Dimitrescu steals the entire show and gives the demo an amazing ending.

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The Resident Evil 8 Village Maiden Demo has a lot to live up to, but does it do enough to get you excited for the entire game?

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